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  1. majorv

    dead babies

    If your brother has problems with this new buck then it could well be the buck. If he doesn’t, and it’s just you, then it may be that those two lines do not work well together. If that’s the case, then you could try that breeding again to confirm, or go back to using the 1st buck. In any case...
  2. majorv

    dead babies

    We had a few does who had stillborns, but generally not the whole litter. I, too, would count it as strike one. It might be her, but if you used a different buck this time, it might be him. Try again later and see.
  3. majorv

    Breed question

    Then they could be a mix of Holland and mini. In mini lops, seniors (ie 6 months & older) are 4-6 lbs.
  4. majorv

    Breed question

    It would help to know how old they are and what their weights are. The first two look like they’re possibly mini lop, depending on their weight.
  5. majorv

    New Zealand or Flemish ?

    Posting pictures would help, but it will become obvious as it grows.
  6. majorv

    What can I do to fill in the loin on a 3 month old mini lop buck?

    I never raised mini lops but did raise Polish. I don’t think there is much you can do about improving his loin at this point. It’s important to select a doe and/or buck as breeding stock with those qualities because they will be passed to the offspring. So, if it were me I’d evaluate the parents...
  7. majorv

    New Zealand rabbit cage?

    Rabbits can serve different purposes. I agree with the others regarding pet rabbits. If the OP wants to raise rabbits for meat or show, then it can be a different story. I agree that being contentious here won’t get you very far. I suggest another board, like Rabbit Talk, if you want rabbits for...
  8. majorv

    3 Week Old Kit Failure to Thrive

    Sometimes it’s best to let nature take its course. Failure to thrive usually ends in death, or health issues that don’t give it a good quality of life. JMO after 8 years of breeding & showing rabbits.
  9. majorv

    getting started on show rabbit breeding for 4-H?

    Have you researched the breeds you’re interested in? There are a lot of breeders doing Hollands so it would be easier to find a trio, but good quality can be expensive. Angoras are a more high maintenance breed because of their hair. I would suggest you go to the ARBA website and look for rabbit...
  10. majorv

    Baby Bunny bloat?

    The unfortunate thing about raising kits is that sometimes they don’t make it, and with enteritis in ones that young there isn’t much a vet can do anyway. We lost a few to enteritis and everything we tried didn’t change the outcome. 😕
  11. majorv

    Mixed breeds?

    I still think the white one is New Zealand or NZ mix. Based on the video @Blue eyes posted (Thank you!) showing all the broken varieties other than English Spot I’m thinking Havana or Satin mix. The video gives max weight of each purebred breed. If your rabbit is a mix of breeds then the weight...
  12. majorv

    Mixed breeds?

    Do you have weights on either one of them, and an approximate age? Without knowing that, the white one may be a New Zealand. The broken doesn’t have the body structure for a Spot. So many breeds come in the broken variety that my daughter (@woahlookitsme) did a video of it and posted it here...
  13. majorv

    Possible peanut baby? Please help!

    I agree with @Preitler that this is a runt. We dealt with peanuts when we bred Polish and they rarely live past 2 weeks. They also look a bit different.
  14. majorv

    Odd Eye Infection in young kits

    We had a few cases of this with young kits but don’t recall an issue of the eyes resealing. I do know that we got a medicated eye ointment from the vet that cleared it up.
  15. majorv

    Separating babies

    You can, as long as they are getting along. Watch them pretty close and separate if there are signs of them not getting along.
  16. majorv

    Odd Eye Infection in young kits

    I’ve never had an issue with eyes resealing after we had to help them open, but I would consider getting a rabbit savy vet to look at it. We didn’t have to consult with a vet very often, but they can be very helpful.
  17. majorv

    Separating babies

    Once weaned, about 6-8 weeks, Mom can be moved out, and kits left together until Preitler said
  18. majorv

    Black or chocolate himilayan?

    I had thought black based on the ears. What was throwing me was the fading on the feet. I used to raise Himalayan rabbits and all points were black with very little, if any, fading. In cool weather the points get darker, but then you also have issues with smut.
  19. majorv

    New member with surprise baby bunnies

    We found that it’s easiest to sex them as newborns, then around 8 weeks or so. There are videos that help you to sex young rabbits. You can try taking pics and post them here, but you need good light and close up. It also helps to press down some, but not too much when you take the picture.
  20. majorv

    Rabbit killed babies

    If it were me I would retire her. As far as animals getting in, isn’t it still possible rats could’ve gotten in, or surprised the doe? With two litters lost though, I wouldn’t try again.