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  1. Maxi

    Less messy litter

    Hello, Thanks to all for all the detailed information. I had never researched the base on which phenol could be a cause for an allergy to a processed wood product, but I remember how carpenters I worked with years ago would smell very strange to me, and it usually caused me some nausea. At the...
  2. Maxi

    Princess Henrietta

    Hi! Henrietta looks like a very beautiful rabbit, with perfect black fur with partially white tops at the lower body area, a very beautiful house rabbit! I hope their lives will go well! Regards, Sonya and Maxi
  3. Maxi


    Dear Cookiemonster, Looking at all these (your) rabbits I am still trying to find out what makes me want to have them all for myself (only). Probably because the rabbits are the most innocent sweetest lives on this planet. They act paralyzing on all my human-being senses... You should keep them...
  4. Maxi

    Rabbit toys

    Dear friends, To update you on how Maxi has received his treat-ball toy, the ball has regularly been filled with treats and Maxi likes to roll the ball around, knowing there will be treats left on the floor. That sofa looks inviting. I think Maxi misses a real rabbit-friend, a mate, but...
  5. Maxi

    Rabbit toys

    Dear Hermelin, you have a very sweet rabbit. I think I have the same blouse in the same colour, from H&M. :oops:
  6. Maxi

    Rabbit toys

    Hi! :) I just ordered the first toy for Maxi- a treat ball, a solid yellow plastic ball with red peppers embossed in the yellow. While I was researching and thinking about the subject, together with other times I had felt Maxi was trying to navigate my choices, I started to understand that...
  7. Maxi

    New to bunnies

    Hi animalsRbetter! I just wrote some information here online, and lost my writing. I will go offline and compose myself with the help of a word document, so that I can copy and paste the text here. It will take me half an hour to one hour. I see that you are online, so I will definitely come...
  8. Maxi

    Not as many poops

    I forgot to add that I believe Maxi and probably many other rabbits use sounds of their own to help their bodies regain some sort of a state more natural to them, or to heal themselves. It is I believe similar to what cats do when they purr. Maxi is an avid sound maker. Apart from teeth...
  9. Maxi

    Not as many poops

    Thank you Jenny, I came here to report that my mini Maxi is feeling much better. The condition lasted for one and a half days, and then we were in our more normal mode. Maxi never had too watery poops, only the immobility. I recently, well some months ago, underwent some sort of a pain...
  10. Maxi

    Not as many poops

    Hi. I wanted to ask in the same area of concern -- if my mini rabbit is refusing to move for the whole day, which is very unusual for him and is the first time this has happened, staying in a corner of the room, is it possible he may need to sleep a bit more, or is it that he is in pain. If it...
  11. Maxi


    Maxi is a Bulgarian Dwarf Rabbit who found my home when my father passed away, and my mother brought him home one week later. His name comes from the name of the Roman Emperor Magnus Maximus - Flavius Magnus Maximus Augustus, and also named after Sparatcus. He protective Christian saint is...