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  1. woahlookitsme

    Please help! My bunny’s paws don’t look good- pic included!

    I agree with the question. What type of flooring?
  2. woahlookitsme

    What breed is she?

    Her color is chinchilla but unlikely she’s a purebred american chinchilla especially if you got her from a pet store as those are quite large rabbits and their max weights are 12lbs. Chinchilla as a color is recognized in a lot of different rabbit breeds. The standard chin is a 7.5lb rabbit so...
  3. woahlookitsme

    Favorite tattoo pens?

    We had the inkinator and loved it! Used it for at least 5 or 6 years until we sold out of bunnies
  4. woahlookitsme

    Looking for breeder Austin

    Might be best to look in the Texas Rabbit Breeders Association website. They also have a Facebook group as well.
  5. woahlookitsme

    What color is this baby rabbit, please?

    I would say Blue as well
  6. woahlookitsme

    First Time Breeder Looking For Tips!

    I agree with sablesteel. Breeding is not for the faint of heart and it’s not always a happy ending with bunnies. People say the term “breed like rabbits” but in reality it’s not that easy. Definitely think about what you would do with the babies and finding homes for bunnies isn’t easy sometimes...
  7. woahlookitsme

    What breed and color are my rabbits?

    They all look like mixed breeds to me. Definitely not silver fox. Mini Rex mix could be a possibility but they aren’t full bred as they don’t have the right hair. Mom is a black otter and dad looks like a broken black otter possibly. The four babies you have pictured starting on the left look...
  8. woahlookitsme

    Cataract? infection ? Film over eye!

    The photo is kind of fuzzy but maybe that is just me? Can you get a clearer photo?
  9. woahlookitsme

    How did you start breeding rabbits?

    I was in FFA showing mainly goats and lambs when my mom mentioned a coworker of hers talked to her about getting me to show rabbits. Well we visited her farm and I never imagined I would see so many rabbits in one place. She bred rabbits for show pet and meat but her biggest pride was in the...
  10. woahlookitsme

    How did you get into shows?

    I started showing in FFA my senior year in high school and once I found my tans I was hooked with them. I second going to a show and just looking around. Your state should have its own rabbit association with show information. If not then ARBA would be the next best place. There are also...
  11. woahlookitsme

    Holland Lop Color Question

    Yea I was going to say looks like a tort otter as well. If you are trying to produce babies for show my suggestion would be to pet the whole litter out and don’t repeat that breeding but maybe that’s a little harsh? Holland’s and Mini Rex are notorious for breeders crossing colors that they...
  12. woahlookitsme

    Keeping your rabbitry cool

    Our rabbits stayed outside in Texas heat and we never lost one due to heat. We had fans everywhere around our cages. Also in the middle of the day or when I got home from school (right before the strong heat of the afternoon sunset) I would take ice bottles out to everyone - my dad loved...
  13. woahlookitsme

    How big do you think he will get?

    Yea he will most likely max out around the weight of his parents
  14. woahlookitsme

    breeding buck issues

    I do have a question though. Are you in middle or high school by chance? If so I highly recommend getting into rabbit showing or at least look into showing. I started late I’ll admit with my senior year of high school but from showing bunnies that year I was able to pay for one semester of my...
  15. woahlookitsme

    Spine deformity?!

    How long have you had Clyde and has she always been like this?? I agree getting X-rays are going to be the best thing for your bunny especially if there she is having any issues moving around
  16. woahlookitsme

    Mama Bunny with mastitis

    Yes I was going to say first it depends on what antibiotics the mother was put on. Some drugs can be excreted in milk but you need to ask the vet that has the most experience with rabbits if they will be okay and they might not even be sure. That’s a tough situation. If they can continue...
  17. woahlookitsme

    Increased risk of lymphoma owning multiple rabbits

    Well this is kind of an odd thing for a pathologist to say. I would say that if you keep your animals clean, their environment clean, you are not immunocompromised or immunosuppressed then you are probably fine. Honestly no one has all the answers with cancer and things are changing all the...
  18. woahlookitsme

    Is it a boy or a girl?

    I also say buck
  19. woahlookitsme

    Bunny with nasty ear mites

    I agree with the above. For mites we would use ivermectin in the ears but I don’t remember how much or how often. I would recommend a vet. I would not rely on coconut oil for sure or mineral oil.
  20. woahlookitsme

    Bonding Pair: Waiting 4wks vs 8wks post-neuter

    I unfortunately don’t actually know how long you should wait. I would honestly call your vet and ask especially if they are rabbit savvy. But in my experience I would say wait as long as you can or are told. Rabbits breed insanely quick it literally takes 2 seconds. I don’t know how fertile he...