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    New Flemish Giant Babies

    Updated pics of the lovely babies (at least a few of them that were feeling camera ready). :) The bigger bun in the third picture is Walda, our special needs hold-back, who is an older sweetheart baby that is just about 3 months old, scheduled to be spayed in March. Giants grow so quickly...
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    New Flemish Giant Babies

    We've had multiple rabbit breeds over the decades and absolutely love gentle Flemish Giants. They are the sweetest (and smartest) bunnies in my opinion (again, only an opinion). <3
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    New Flemish Giant Babies

    One of our Flemish Giants had a litter mid-December. Babies are doing extraordinarily well, made it through the freezing temperatures outside with passive insulation, and are now a bit over 3 weeks old. 6 babies in all, with the biggest baby weighing in at nearly 2.5 pounds at three weeks...
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    Help! Need gender help for bunnies!

    #2 is a girl, and seconded that the other needs a little extra pressure to expose the genitals.
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    Hi, I’m a newbie (with newborn kits)

    Congrats on the new litter! To the sad part... loss of life is normal with rabbits at birth over the first 72 hours. We are a small breeder outside of Jax, FL, and we expect to lose several kits per litter and are happy if we don't. Sadly, intervening doesn't typically help as it causes more...
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    My bunny has given birth

    Rabbits will only feed their babies 1-2 times daily, and it's very common to miss the event. Hope everything turns out well for the little ones!
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    New member with surprise baby bunnies

    I personally don't even bother attempting to sex them until they're almost ready for new homes. Not to be graphic, but the male parts vs female parts just pop out when they are 10-12 weeks old (at least for giant breeds). :) If you are unsure how to sex a rabbit, they need to be flipped over on...
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    Litter box, litter suggestions.

    Hello! You can definitely mix in aspen chips into the litter, but what really helps is placing the rabbit's timothy or other appropriate hay nearby the litter box. Rabbits really love to defecate while they eat, so this encourages natural behavior. Pics for context. This is is one of our...
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    Flemish Giant Babies (growth progress) - Cuteness Overload (Eyes starting to open)

    That is so awesome. I'm so glad you took her in to give her a great home!
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    Flemish Giant Babies (growth progress) - Cuteness Overload (Eyes starting to open)

    Update on the gorgeous babies. They are so loving and sweet. We recently found great homes for two of the boys. We still have 2 girls and 1 boy left that are available for loving homes outside of Jacksonville, Florida. Experienced rabbit keepers that won't keep them on wire, please inquire. :)...
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    Are cages with wire flooring really that bad?

    It is not a good thing at all. I'm a Flemish Giant breeder and we keep our bunnies (breeders and all) on the ground on concrete tiles with different other options for resting. Bunnies can make a bit of a mess at times without wire, but it's 10000000% (if it were mathematically possible to have...
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    Flemish Giant Babies (growth progress) - Cuteness Overload (Eyes starting to open)

    Update on these gorgeous babies. They're now 9 weeks old today and 4 of them have vetted homes they're moving to next month after they're 10 weeks old. We are keeping 'Walda' (FKA Dune, daughter renamed her to Waldo but turns out he, is a she). We will be spaying her at 8 months old. We are also...
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    Rabbit killed babies

    Rabbits will kill their babies if they feel some sort of perceived threat (not real necessarily,) but anything that seems to threaten survival. Other causes can be lack of protein, litter that seems to be poor in the eyes of the doe, and "unknown." It sounds like you were doing everything right...
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    Slight interest in Breeding

    I'm definitely not anti-breeding at all. We have a few litters here and there, but from a small business perspective, it really isn't lucrative. The time, energy, and expense put into raising rabbits won't and doesn't really result in a major profit. We have a litter of 6 Flemish Giant babies...
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    Mom isn't feeding her babies?

    Definitely seconded on calf manna. We give it to all our rabbits in moderation and a bit more when they are growing/nursing.
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    Mother rabbit humping babies

    How large of an enclosure is the family being kept? We keep our mom and babies in nothing smaller than a 10x10 enclosure with an attached nest box. Sometimes rabbits can also mount if they are stressed. I've never seen a mother rabbit mount young babies of that age, but as mentioned previously...
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    Flemish Giant Babies (growth progress) - Cuteness Overload (Eyes starting to open)

    Updated almost 7 weeks old babies chowing down on their morning calf manna with mom. They all get a little each morning. If I don’t show up with their goods, they aren’t happy with me!
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    Flemish Giant Babies (growth progress) - Cuteness Overload (Eyes starting to open)

    Yep, they are Flemish Giants (Sandy colored). When you think the size of these rabbits, think the size of a Sheltie dog. We are rehoming a few of them to perfect match homes. If we don't find good matches, we are keeping them all. :)
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    Flemish Giant Babies (growth progress) - Cuteness Overload (Eyes starting to open)

    Update on the little bun gang - they are all overly adorable. We took them to the vet and they all have a clean bill of health - even "Dune," which is the little one. It's not so little anymore but it does have ataxia (appears to be born this way or perhaps a birth injury). We are keeping little...