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  1. Mileybun

    Bunny kit’s vet issues!

    Not as far as I'm aware, no.
  2. Mileybun

    Bunny kit’s vet issues!

    I always get my bunny vaccinated, and she's an indoor bunny. It's just not worth the risk of her catching myxamitosis or vhd. She doesn't have a yearly checkup simply because she's there more often than that anyway with all her issues haha. But I think it's always worth it to catch things...
  3. Mileybun

    Wood pellets vs Carefresh bedding?

    I would worry being kept on wood pellets long term might be a bit hard on bunny's feet? But carefresh might work out expensive! I tend to use wood pellet litter in my bunny's litter tray with a layer of hay over the top so it's softer. Maybe that would work? Would be cheaper than carefresh...
  4. Mileybun

    New bunny member!

    Adorable bunny! 😍
  5. Mileybun

    Non toxic bunny repellent...?

    Hm, that's strange. There are several marketed here as working for rabbits as well as dogs and cats. Perhaps not where you are.
  6. Mileybun

    Non toxic bunny repellent...?

    A bitter apple spray may work, often marketed as anti chew sprays 😊
  7. Mileybun

    New virus

    Myxomatosis has been around for a long time. It's a horrible disease 😔 In the UK rabbits should be vaccinated yearly against it. I can't believe you can't get the vaccine in the US! If the virus is so close to you I absolutely wouldn't be letting unvaccinated buns outside, it's just not worth...
  8. Mileybun

    Why is my bunny's chin losing hair and has skin bumps that are red?

    How very strange! I wonder if it's worth getting a second opinion from another vet? 🤔
  9. Mileybun

    Why is my bunny's chin losing hair and has skin bumps that are red?

    Could possibly be a dental issue? Salivating and bad breath could suggest an infection. Miley has dental issues and I know it's time for a vet visit when she makes chewing motions all the time, it always points to something going on in her mouth. The constant wetness may well be causing the...
  10. Mileybun

    Storm left without us.

    What lovely tributes to Storm ❤️
  11. Mileybun

    Fungi? Mites? Help😩

    When we took in a rescue rabbit short term last month, he had fur mites aka walking dandruff. He had missing hair on his back and neck, sore skin and lots of dandruff. Might be worth checking with your vet if that's a possibility. He had a course of Xeno and it cleared right up! 😊
  12. Mileybun

    Has anyone seen a lump like this on their bunny before?

    @JBun I had no idea about that - we don't get those here! Well you learn something new everyday. And a bit gross, poor bun 😔 At least it's easy to remove, if that's what it is!
  13. Mileybun

    Has anyone seen a lump like this on their bunny before?

    So sorry to hear about your dad 😢 I wonder if it could be a cyst, or possibly an abscess 🤔 Does it move freely with the skin, or does it feel firmly attached to the structures underneath?
  14. Mileybun

    White snot

    Cute fluffy guy, hope he's feeling better soon! 😊
  15. Mileybun

    Rabbit not eating

    It sound stress related to me. I personally would have one or both neutered to prevent this happening again as it sounds like she is finding this very difficult. Hope she is feeling better soon 😊
  16. Mileybun

    Surgery for 8 year old rabbit?

    Best of luck with whatever happens - he knows you love him and that's the most important thing ❤️
  17. Mileybun

    My rabbit died suddenly

    I'm so sorry you've lost you're bunny, she was only a baby too 😔❤️
  18. Mileybun

    Surgery for 8 year old rabbit?

    What a hard decision to make 😔 He's not a bad age at all! There is very little skin on the bottom of a rabbit's foot as you say, I think it would be a difficult one with regards to healing as well as he will naturally still be using the foot. You know your bun best and will be able to tell if...
  19. Mileybun

    Cheeku the rabbit, chipped tooth

    Cheap, cheerful and easy - you can't go wrong! 😁