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  1. Bunny Lover*

    needing help bonding two UNSPAYED rabbits

    Im sure it will. I am calling the vet tomorrow to see their prices but from what I read it's going to be over $250 for one. But I'm hoping they can get spayed! Also, I noticed your username is Mileybun. Is Miley your real name, if so It looks like we share a name my name is Miley as well! I...
  2. Bunny Lover*

    needing help bonding two UNSPAYED rabbits

    Ok, thanks for informing me! I will look into spaying them but It may be a while before I can do that! I appreciate it!
  3. Bunny Lover*

    Nymeria and Bugs Bunny!

    These are my Rabbits the brown one is a dwarf Holland lop her ears just never flopped and her name is Bug's Bunny. The black and white one is a full-sized Lion Head and her name is Nymeria! Both are unspayed and about 3-4 years old!
  4. Bunny Lover*


    So um I did that other intro that I posted wrong sorry. I have two rabbits! I have a brown dwarf holland lop! Her name is Bug's short for bugs bunny! Then I have a full-sized lion head and she's black and white, her name is Nymeria! I really don't want to put any info about me personally so I...
  5. Bunny Lover*

    needing help bonding two UNSPAYED rabbits

    So I have two female rabbits that aren't spayed and I'm needing them to bond. I have a dwarf Holland lop and a full-sized lion head! The full-sized lion head is very mean and aggressive to my dwarf Holland lop. I can't get them to get along. My lop runs and hides whenever the full-sized lion...