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  1. missyscove

    What Antibiotics To Use?

    Sounds like this rabbit could benefit from a culture and sensitivity. That can confirm the causative bacteria and help select an appropriate antibiotic.
  2. missyscove

    Not enough poops, lethargic and high temperature after anaesthesia?

    I'm sorry for your loss. That fever would definitely have me concerned as well. I suspect there was something going on before the anesthetic event.
  3. missyscove


    How cold is cold? If you can tolerate it your bun is probably ok. They seem to prefer temperatures around 65*F. Consider offering your bun a blanket if you don't think they'll eat it or a cardboard box or something else they can hide out in.
  4. missyscove

    My Lop ate a piece of tinsel-what do I do?

    How long of a piece? Tinsel isn't a toxic concern but can create a linear foreign body. This is when an animal eats something string-like (thread, dental floss, fishing line, rope toy pieces, etc.) and as it moves its way through the intestines plicate (bunch up like an accordian) around it...
  5. missyscove

    Oxbow harvest stacks?

    I have used them and while they say they're less dusty I find they're more messy than the loose oxbow hay because the strands of hay are shorter. Even though I twist them open, the rabbits will grab chunks and take them to the middle of their rug and throw them all over vs. the loose hay stays...
  6. missyscove

    Pumpkin stem?

    I can't think of a reason not to, but I haven't tried it personally. Bunnies do like pumpkin. Mine always get a little piece of my halloween pumpkin this time of year and I buy canned pumpkin and portion it out in ice cube trays for them. They like it at room temperature or frozen on hot days.
  7. missyscove

    Any Ideas on How to Make Pills Easier for Bun to Take?

    Mixing it with a small amount of fruit juice or something like unsweetened applesauce should be okay. You could talk to your vet about getting meclizine through a compounding pharmacy though it may be more expensive. Meclizine is available over the counter (it's a motion sickness medication for...
  8. missyscove

    Rabbit Enema

    Where are you located? Perhaps we can recommend a rabbit-savvy veterinarian for you. Or you can check out our list of member-recommended vets. While enemas are not uncommon in veterinary medicine, I would never expect an owner to administer one at home, and certainly wouldn't give that advice...
  9. missyscove

    Echinacea dose for Runny nose

    Forgot to add, I have no experience with echinacea. Consider other potential irritants you may have in your home as well (scented candles, clensars, etc.). I've found that a humidifier can help and you can also consider nebulization (either just saline or adding in an antibiotic).
  10. missyscove

    Echinacea dose for Runny nose

    I know from personal experience that respiratory disease in buns can be very frustrating! If the discharge is anything but clear I'd definitely be worried about an ongoing infection. When you did your own culture, how far up did you culture? Many rabbits need to be sedated to get an adequate...
  11. missyscove

    Echinacea dose for Runny nose

    What sort of runny nose are we talking about here? What color is the discharge? Are the insides of their front legs crusted with mucous as well? If it's a light clear discharge it could be something like an allergy. What sort of environment are they in? Indoor or outdoor? Bedding? Hay? How...
  12. missyscove

    Chronic Ear Infection in Holland Lop... Need advice on how to proceed!!! please.

    If you're not having success after changing antibiotics that many times I'd say it's certainly time to move on to further diagnostics. I wouldn't add in other antibiotics before a culture or you could really be dealing with resistance. CT is definitely the way to go for middle ear disease! That...
  13. missyscove

    Sick bunny x-rays

    I'm sorry that Pepper isn't feeling well. These are definitely interesting radiographs. Her stomach definitely looks dilated to me though I don't think I can make out a discrete mass. Were any other treatments or diagnostics done? Has she been eating? I'd expect to see more ingesta in her...
  14. missyscove

    What age to spay females?

    Does don't usually sit on the kits like a chicken might. They typically visit the nest just a few times a day to nurse.
  15. missyscove

    night of the lepus

    I'm pretty sure the annual forum watchfest dates back farther than 2013. I remember watching it as early as 2007 and I am confident I learned about the movie from a forum member.
  16. missyscove


    He looks like a comfy bunny! Be careful though because it looks like those are electrical cords near his head and all buns know those taste delicious!
  17. missyscove

    Welfare requirements for hutch size

    To my knowledge there are no legal cage size requirements in the US. There are legal guidelines for situations like laboratory rabbits but not for pets. Many rescues will have limits on what sort of housing you need for them to adopt out but from most sources there aren't specific limits.
  18. missyscove


    Cataracts in rabbits can also be associated with E. cuniculi. In general animals affected by cataracts do quite well even as their vision declines but it's definitely worth a check by a rabbit savvy vet and you might also consider referral to a veterinary ophthalmologist for more options.
  19. missyscove

    Sweet Pea and potentially temporary buns

    I think the behavior you're seeing could definitely be due to the scent and sight of these intruders in her house. I once attended an event where I handled a number of unaltered rabbits and later that night my two spayed/neutered rabbits pooped all around my laundry basket where the clothes I...
  20. missyscove

    Will het starve on hay only? (soft stools)

    Do you have another rabbit or perhaps a friend with another rabbit? Sounds like maybe he needs some healthy gut bacteria and you might consider feeding him cecotrophes from a healthy bun if you have access to them.