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  1. Lunaloof2021

    Change in behavior

    Hello. I came home today from work and found my rabbit being her lazy self around the afternoon time she said hello and I petted her a bit and then continued with my day. I noticed she went to sit under my desk in the office and hasn’t gotten up since. She has been bread loafing then gets up...
  2. Lunaloof2021

    Skin irritation in ear

    Hello! Every now and then my rabbit Luna will scratch her ears specifically the right here I don’t see any wax in the ear and her other ear seems fine but I noticed that on her right ear due to scratching a lot she has a little bit of irritated skin. does anyone know of an ointment that can be...
  3. Lunaloof2021

    Second Rabbit

    *disclaimer: a lot of reading ahead… Hello! I came to Rabbitsonline because I needed some advice on my current pet rabbit Luna who is a three-year-old satin Rabbit. I got her as a single rabbit but I have been mulling over multiple articles and videos on the pros and cons of a single rabbit or...
  4. Lunaloof2021

    New behavior/ Sleeping arrangement

    Hello! I just got a two-year-old single rabbit from a previous owner and she is my first indoor rabbit. My issue is I’ve had her for five months now and she has had no problem staying in the dining room where we keep her living area. she is free roam in the day and at night she stays in that...