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  1. Donna Standar

    Bonding - small wounds

    They are so cute!!!
  2. Donna Standar

    Bonding - small wounds

    Oops. I meant, it’s not just a doe thing
  3. Donna Standar

    Bonding - small wounds

    both will hump, just just a doe thing. Mine did
  4. Donna Standar

    Bonding - small wounds

    That’s too bad. Sorry to hear that. Hope all goes well
  5. Donna Standar

    Fresh greens

    I have two buns, they get unlimited hay, greens morning and evening. Fruit twice a week as a treat. They are very schedule based. Always looking and waiting for it. So cute how they know. They get so excited
  6. Donna Standar

    Bonding - small wounds

    Sadly that’s not going to stop because of his hormones. Has he been under anesthesia before?? And it didn’t go well?
  7. Donna Standar


    So cute!
  8. Donna Standar

    Constant Molting or Shedding?

    I give my two a quarter cup morning and night. Too much can also create runny poos. My buns shed every 4 months. It’s everywhere. I vacuume almost daily when they do
  9. Donna Standar

    Female still marking…

    My female pees everywhere but the litter box and has since I had her spayed. She never did before. My male is with her and he’s the only one who uses the litter boxes now. They have a much bigger space than that. Looks kinda small for a bunny. No room to run. Maybe she’s upset she’s not with...
  10. Donna Standar

    Bunny Proofing

    I have my two buns in a room all to themselves but with x pens bordering the outside so they don’t chew mine. They have a two level hutch and hideaway house/ tunnels made of wood they can chew on. Plastic boats ( baby tub toys) seem very content.
  11. Donna Standar

    17 day old kit dragging back legs

    Looks like he is trying to move that leg as well. It’s not totally limp. I hope he gets stronger. Such a cutie.
  12. Donna Standar

    Big step in bunny bonding

    Awwww. So sweet
  13. Donna Standar

    He is having very wierd poos but he's acting sort of normal! Not the first time!

    That's great to hear. Be careful with broccoli, it can be gassy and I read they can only have the stalk part, and leaves..No tops. Take care!
  14. Donna Standar

    New Rabbit-possibly pregnant

    When I adopted my two buns, I had no idea she was pregnant, until she started pulling her hair out and putting it inside a flannel bed I had made for my I immediately took the male away, in a separate spot and she had her babies two days later. She was pretty adamant about having...
  15. Donna Standar

    He is having very wierd poos but he's acting sort of normal! Not the first time!

    They cannot eat breads. Two whole wheat cripbreads are more than likely the reason.. I hope they are ok.
  16. Donna Standar

    Poopy bum

    They have been good since quit apple and banana. Drastically reduced pellets..just hay and greens and they've been great. Thanks
  17. Donna Standar

    Bunny choking (RIP)

    I'm so sorry for your loss... hugs to you
  18. Donna Standar

    Poopy bum

    Thankyou for that info, I had no idea their back teeth were used for hay. You only see them use their front teeth. Good to know.
  19. Donna Standar

    Poopy bum

    Actually they do, on some level as they chew them with their back teeth..not with the front ones as they do with hay. But I'm not sure that their back teeth are used with hay or not.. Anyways, he seems fine now since I've only been giving hay, lettuce and about ten pellets each to start with per day