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  1. Jennifer1111


    Aww Olivers a cutie! A human/bunny bond is a special one for sure! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and something I will forever cherish! 💜 Welcome to the forum. 🙂🐰
  2. Jennifer1111

    Hi everyone!

    That’s interesting to know! I’m now starting to do “bunny dates” to (hopefully) pair my neutered male Lionhead. I opted to rescue a bun verses buying one from a breeder this time. It’s so sad to see all the homeless buns out there that doesn’t have a loving home to live their lives in. Thank...
  3. Jennifer1111

    Protein levels? Hay recommendations?

    This helps A LOT! Thank you SO much! 😊
  4. Jennifer1111

    Protein levels? Hay recommendations?

    Im so confused.☹️ I just wanna do what’s best for my bun. i will say that I buy his Timothy Hay straight from the farmer so through season, it’s always fresh cut. Willow LOVES it. By my observations, he eats the alfalfa/Timothy 50/50. I haven’t noticed him favor one over the other at all. The...
  5. Jennifer1111

    Protein levels? Hay recommendations?

    Thank you for responding =) in all truthfulness, at Willows 8 week vet visit, his vet told me to take him off the Alfalfa Hay and to just give him Timothy Hay. She said Tim hay has all the nutrients he needed and Alfalfa hay was given to meat and fur rabbits. So I listened BUT right before his...
  6. Jennifer1111

    Protein levels? Hay recommendations?

    At what age are rabbits considered an adult? and what are peoples thoughts about oat hay? I have a 4 month old Lionhead. His bloodwork came back stating his protein levels were a bit low. Not concerning low but lower than “normal.” The vet said it could just be him and the way he is or it...
  7. Jennifer1111

    Help! Inbred bunnies! Should I cull?

    I was kinda wondering that too. Even here where I live in Hicksville, USA my closest vet is an hour away. 🤷‍♀️ I will add that some humane societies offer low cost spay/neuter for rabbits if your vet is too costly for your income. That might be worth a quick Google too.
  8. Jennifer1111

    Help! Inbred bunnies! Should I cull?

    If you don’t plan on breeding, why not spay/neuter? There’s health benefits for doing so. just asking..
  9. Jennifer1111

    How to clean bunny pee stains on carpet?

    i agree with JBuns. I used a vinegar/water mixture on bunny urine on my white couch and it completely took it up. I also used the same mixture on my carpet. We are finally at a point she’s using her hay boxes consistently now. I do have a bit of advice too. If she/he insists on using one small...
  10. Jennifer1111

    Carpet chewing

    You seem knowledgeable and I’m glad this question was posted. My 4 month old LOVES biting/digging at the indoor wall to wall carpet. What would you suggest for that? I understand this is an instinctive behavior but I’d really like to protect my carpet. Rugs maybe?
  11. Jennifer1111

    Grooming techniques

    Thank you for responding! I should’ve been more thorough with my question: I have a hair buster comb for her and she does allow me to brush her back side with it. The problem is her underside. Im scared to even attempt brushing her underside because I’m scared I might unintentionally hurt her...
  12. Jennifer1111

    Rabbit "popsicles"

    You can also use pineapple juice too. OR I took some bamboo sticks and soaked them in the same blueberry juice and let them dry. She loves those too! (She’s a blueberry lover 😆)
  13. Jennifer1111

    Rabbit "popsicles"

    I’ve those look tasty but I’m not sure how good “frozen” treats may be. I did figure out a neat recipe for a chewy treat that my bun loves. I bought a natural, long loofah, removed the seeds, cut into 1/4 inch slices and soaked them in 100% blueberry juice (no sugar or additives) for a few...
  14. Jennifer1111

    Grooming techniques

    i have a bun that’s losing her baby floof. Does anyone have any tips or tricks on helping my bun (and my house) with the shedding process?
  15. Jennifer1111

    $500 for a Teddywidder?

    Stop it! He is SO freaking adorable! 😍🐰
  16. Jennifer1111

    Homemade bunny treats

    Hi. I have a question: I seen a short YouTube video of a girl making fruit loofah treats for her bunny. Sadly, she didn’t say how to do it, like the details of the process. Does anybody know on what temp to bake the fruit soaked loofahs on? For how long? Or does anybody know any tasty recipes...
  17. Jennifer1111

    Issues with trust practices (long post)

    Congratulations on your new forever bun! I too am a new bunbun owner (Willow is now 9 weeks old) and I got her at 4 weeks. I will tell you what her veterinarian told me on her first vet visit: a bunnys diet needs to consist of 80% hay. Timothy hay to be exact (I had read to feed her alfalfa, so...
  18. Jennifer1111

    How to clean bunny pee stains on carpet?

    Vinegar and water mixed in a spray bottle, pulled bunny pee out of my white couch perfectly. I wouldn’t use baking soda though because it does have natural whitening capabilites and can pull some color pigment out of colors. Vinegar/water mixture will also get rid of the bunny scent.
  19. Jennifer1111

    My bunny makes weird involuntary sounds while hopping around

    She sure is a cutie! 😍🐰
  20. Jennifer1111

    Bunny (jersey wooly) splashing and dipping front paws into her water bowl, she'll proceed to shake them and try to get me wet in the process as well

    My bunny does the exact same! I havent noticed it being a grooming behavior either. My bun is 7 weeks old, I’ve had her for a month.