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    That's an interesting take on love...
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    I wouldn't do it, first of all because I would be scared of accidentally injuring his spine or him breaking his back by suddenly flipping around.
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    New mom has killed a baby help

    Why do you let those rabbits reproduce? From what I understand, your probably inbred rabbits got inbred litters? Are those rabbits you intend to eat? The mothers probably did it - it's not unusual when the conditions are not good and the rabbits feel stressed out. If you breed for meat, find...
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    Any Tips For first time breeders

    Considering you ask, I think here are a few questions one should ask themselves before breeding : Why are you breeding? Are those rabbits well-bred by serious breeders and do you have background infos about their ancestors and their health? Are you going to provide good quality representants of...
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    Picked up

    I have smaller bunnies (under 2 kilos) and I always pick them up by putting one hand under their back feet and one under their belly, just behind the front paws. I then immediately put their four paws against my chest and hold them here. You have to be very careful not to let their back legs...
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    Do They Forget the Abuse?

    Do you have to pick him up and handle him? Honestly if it was my rabbit, I would leave him alone. If he gets along great with other rabbits, it's great. I would just give him time to calm down and settle (I talk months here) without stressing him out by forcing him to interact.
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    Bonded Bunny Dispute

    You have to get her spayed, there is no way around it. Your male is reacting to the hormones your female is emitting. I don't know why but being with a hormonal female seems to awaken 'phantom hormones' in males and will make them act like they are intact which can lead to agression from both...
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    Re-Bonding Rabbit Help?!

    Eliminating the smell is the most important. I generally vaccuum and put vinegar where I can. You can put a small drop of perfume on each rabbit nose too to neutralise their sense of smell. I don't think you need a completely new place to make introductions, however the problem you might have...
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    :yeahthat: Your situation is indeed nothing unusual - your rabbits just aren't babies anymore. Bottom line is you shouldn't put intact rabbits together once they are weaned. At all. Ever. No matter the sex. They might look like cute cuddly toys but they can be nasty little monsters when their...
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    if you mean a bunny proofed room where she will be able to run around most of the day and where you'll come to see her often, yeah it's OK. But in that case, the best for her would probably getting her a neutered male after spaying her. Rabbits do better in pair as they naturally live with other...
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    Buns STILL not opening his eye?!

    Yeah, that's really frustrating when you keep on trying things and spending money without getting any real answer. I think as long as there is no risk of the eye getting infected you don't have to enucleate, so even if the eye doesn't open, as long as the rabbit is not in pain and that there is...
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    Rabbit breed

    I'm pretty sure what you want is called a cat. I'm not trying to be mean or anything but I think it's best to tell you things before you get a rabbit, get disappointed and are tempted to rehome them. Rabbits have never been bred for friendliness or anything other than physical appearance, like...
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    Mucus on poop

    I never heard of the Kaytee brand but Sherwood is good. Keep a close eye on your rabbit's poop - as long as the rabbit is eating and the mucus is clearing it's fine, but if you see anything abnormal, don't hesitate to take him to a vet. Rabbits' guts are sensitive and a small problem can evolve...
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    CBD Oil (non-THC) Bunny Safe?

    I just checked the French websites and apparently, you can. I found people saying they give it and CBD marketed for rabbits and cats on a trustworthy website. Some people describe the product like it's a miracle worker (it's apparently very effective for allergies), which always tends to make...
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    Buns STILL not opening his eye?!

    I can't offer much input except that no, a rabbit is definitely not keeping his eye closed on purpose. That's going against all of his instincts. So if he is not opening his eye it means he can't. Is your vet an ophtalmologist? Eyes are very delicate things, but in my experience when they can...
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    When is it too soon for a new bunny?

    It's a very personal decision. Don't let other people pressure you into anything and do it when you feel ready - there will always be poor rabbits to take care of. I tend to invest myself in another relationship as soon as one of my animals pass away to avoid thinking too much about it but I...
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    Netherland Dwarf/Holland Lop mixes

    As you know, rabbits have been bred for their fur about always. And then for size and colors and loppy ears. Selecting rabbits for their personality was seldom done, so there isn't really any breed personality traits like for dogs. That said, the lops I've had where all pretty laid-back...
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    Am I talented?

    Singer / songwriter / writer are all (vastly different) careers you can try out for while doing something else which is great - a lot of people do that on the side while working somewhere else / studying waiting to see if it goes somewhere. If it doesn't, music and litterature are still cool...
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    Netherland Dwarf/Holland Lop mixes

    I had one, he had 'airplane' ears most of the time and could make them straight but otherwise was the size of a normal Holland lop with a pointier face than a regular HL. With a mix you can't know what you'll get before the rabbit is grown - my bunny at the time had quite a lot of brothers and...
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    Am I talented?

    I think you should do what makes you happy. Life is short and, growing older, you'll have more regrets about not trying than about failing. Nothing is more sad than seeing adults go 'I could have been an artist / done this if I had done that'. Maybe it's their own delusion, but at least if you...