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    I'm afraid I have no experience with comfrey as it doesn't grow out here in the southwest desert. Perhaps @Preitler has experience with this as he provides a variety of forage for his rabbits.
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    There are Windsors in Australia, Canada, UK, US, etc.... Also in multiple states in the US. Could you please specify? And let us know if you had a question regarding molting.
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    Are you trying to ask a question? (Please update your location on your profile per forum policy.)
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    Unfortunately the pineapple juice idea has been shown to be a myth. Bromelain is the enzyme in pineapple (papain in papaya) that is said to dissolve hair. However, a low pH (below 3) destroys the enzyme. The pH of a rabbit's stomach is 1.5 - 2.2. That means the enzyme cannot survive in the...
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    Hay information.

    That depends. The only way to know is to try it. They have reviews that show people that used to love it for its freshness are now saying quality has gone way down and it is dry and dusty. So it depends on how fresh it is. I prefer to get hay locally. That way I can visually inspect it before...
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    Baby floofie

    What a cutie! She's just begging for a fitting name with all that fluff! But a good name depends also on your likes and interests. The following is my go-to suggestion list when it comes to naming a rabbit... Do you have any favorite movies or books? You can use character names from those. (She...
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    Hello! (New Member)

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Are there any water bottles that don't excessively leak?

    These types of bowls that either twist or slide onto a clamp cannot be tipped over or spilled. And since they are raised slightly (because of the clamp) the rabbits tend to not get in them either.
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    Pellet problem!

    Going pellet-free is generally not recommended, though can be done with extreme research. This article is written with quotes from some well-respected rabbit experts...
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    Unusual behavior in my Bunny

    Could you elaborate on this point? Cats and dogs will "spar" for play -- wrestle and play fight, basically. Rabbits do not "play" in this way. For them (being prey) such actions are serious and frightening. That's why I ask if you could elaborate. Exactly how are the dog and cat interacting with...
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    Try contacting a local 4-H club.
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    New Member

    @New2RabbitsDonna63 , you had some good instincts for introducing your poodle to your rabbit. For further info on dogs & rabbits (either for you or for @So Sad), check out the following...
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    Rabbit Harness- good idea or not

    I've noticed you've been posting on a few old threads. If there is a topic you'd like to discuss or question you'd like to ask, please begin a new thread, rather than reviving an old one. [The member you questioned here has not posted on this forum for 4 years.]
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    Meet Rayne!!!

    Have the other siblings gone on their way and it's just the one that you're caring for indoors now? Baby cottontails are about the most difficult to hand-raise. Here is an excellent article loaded with info on dealing with baby cottontails...
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    what type of rabbit is this

    Yup. You are correct. No need to get a rabbit now that you have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Enjoy your furry pets.
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    what type of rabbit is this

    Hopefully now that you are older, you will be able to take the time to research more about rabbit care if you decide you would like to have one for a pet again. It's always a good idea to first learn all the basics and know what vet costs could potentially be incurred. If you decide you may go...
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    Penicillin regimen

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    I'm sorry Hopsy Please Forgive Me.

    I second the idea of looking at some rabbit rescues where you can volunteer and help out. When reviewing the list that Jenny provided, I'd suggest looking for those that are specifically rabbit rescues, as opposed to generic pet shelters. That way you can focus just on rabbits. The people in...