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  1. Kipcha

    New disease found in Canada this knowledge could save your bun

    When I read Alberta my heart sank a bit. I've never heard of anything like that, do you have any pics of when your bun was sick?
  2. Kipcha

    Buggs has a lump under his chin

    In my experience, jaw abscesses have ALWAYS caused an issue and they are extremely hard to get rid of. We've had rabbits on antibiotics for years to keep them under control, and one rabbit where it was eating away at the jaw bone and leaking pus in to his mouth when the abscess kept returning...
  3. Kipcha

    Could I Have Killed My Rabbit??

    Just a note, if there comes a time again when a bunny is truly refusing to eat (Critical care going in to the mouth but they make no effort to swallow), it needs to go to a vet ASAP as it is quite likely a blockage. We experienced something similar with one of our rabbits, and feeding them can...
  4. Kipcha

    I'm freaking out

    Like Watermelons said, what would have been left behind is the scrotum, not the testicle. They can look like there is still a testicle inside when they fill with fluid after but they will gradually disappear, so the testicle is gone. What I meant is I was wondering why they would make you...
  5. Kipcha

    I'm freaking out

    Now that is interesting, I have never heard of a clinic not just straight up castrating a rabbit. Wouldn't the males still be hormonal afterwards? Not to mention the threat of testicular cancer is still a risk? Not to mention when our rabbits are neutered, they're typically in and out of...
  6. Kipcha


    I would agree that it doesn't really sound like Pasteurella to me, I would almost wonder if it's more likely a tooth issue. That would explain the runny eye, weight loss and even a wet nose in some cases. Teeth, especially when the roots go bad, cause a lot of problems in their head.
  7. Kipcha

    Baby bunnies -- house together or separate?

    Baby bunnies will almost always get along, it's when they mature and hormones hit that you can get problems. I have had babies where they get along for months, then one day you wake up and they don't anymore. Hormones can hit fast, so you're going to need to keep a close eye on that. The...
  8. Kipcha

    Coccidiosis in rabbits?

    I'm not sure if it's in the UK but I'm fairly sure if can be on the ground anywhere wild rabbits have been. We've gotten plenty of stray rabbits that are infected with it.
  9. Kipcha

    Rabbit In My Backyard Question

    Iceburg lettuce is dangerous for rabbits but there are many (Greenleaf, Romaine, Red leaf, etc.) that are perfectly fine to give rabbits, as long as it is in logical quantities. He may just be coming by because you feed him, or he feels safe in the area.
  10. Kipcha

    please help- not eating, no poop for 11 days!! - RIP

    I am very sorry for your loss. I really wish I had seen this sooner, we live in Calgary and maybe could have done something to help. Do you mind me asking which vet you used?
  11. Kipcha

    Rabbits broken foot, please help!

    I'm concerned why they would even be sending her home still knocked out from the anaesthetic? And with the fact that she is making noises from pain, that's terrible. Did they give you any pain killer when you went back? How is she doing today?
  12. Kipcha

    Obsessed bunny mom carves pet rabbit into pumpkin.

    That is so cool! Very impressive, looks just like your bun!
  13. Kipcha

    Loose domestic bunny..

    Ahh, did you post an ad on Kijiji? I saw someone on there talking about a caught rabbit, glad you got her! Much better then out there running loose!
  14. Kipcha

    Can someone Help!???

    Is there any discharge at all from his nose?
  15. Kipcha


    When I've had to have it done, the vet sedates the rabbit first so they're calm and we have a couple more minutes to sit with them and when the time comes they do it through an injection in the ear. It's always been very quick and peaceful, they're normally gone in seconds.
  16. Kipcha

    Long Flight - Crate or Carry-on

    I personally would not do it anyway but carry on. Heard way too many horror stories on what happens to animals completely in airline care.
  17. Kipcha

    Leg Abscess - the healing process

    Poor little guy, he'll feel so much better with pain medication! When Peace was having his issues we were doing bandage changes every 2 days or so, which wasn't a lot of fun because Peace was definitely not impressed with it. JBun, that was a really good read. I could not believe the amount of...
  18. Kipcha

    should i spay ?

    Yes, I HIGHLY recommend it. Through our rescue, we have seen quite a few cases of uterine cancer, including two that passed away that would have been prevented if they had been spayed sooner. Just always be sure to get a good, rabbit savvy vet.
  19. Kipcha

    dont always trust a vets word

    Rabbits are tough because they aren't an animal that I think very many people take to the vet and thus, there aren't too many vets that specialize in them. You need to find a vet that knows what they are doing. Our vet is at an all exotic clinic and specializes in rabbits, I would trust whatever...
  20. Kipcha

    Leg Abscess - the healing process

    This all sounds very similar to our experience with our Belgian Hare, Peace. He had an abscess on his right hock and it was a nightmare to deal with. It was literally an entire month of almost no sleep as I had to watch him 24/7. Our vet opted to try putting antibiotic beads in his leg after...
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