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    Anyone else's bunny do this? *face palm*

    Our bunnies have cheap timothy hay in their litter box and expensive oxbow hay elsewhere. They would use the hay wherever it was as their litterbox so we put the cheaper hay there. Now they eat the good hay and use their litterbox properly.
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    How do I bond my rabbit?

    We have successfully bonded our two bunnies. We put them in an indoor hutch, one on the top floor and one on the bottom. We gave them soft toys scented with the other bunnies smell. Then we put them in wire cages outside briefly each day next to one another so they could smell each other and...
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    My baby funny passed away and I don’t know why

    Am very very sorry for your loss.
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    Eye issue in almost 6 month old rabbit

    Our bunny had an eye worm, hardly visible, that our vet removed at her first checkup. Hope your bunny is all better soon.
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    Bonding bunnies!

    After months of gradual supervised exposures....and only one nip from Dutchess to Arnold, on their very first meeting...i am happy to report that the two are now bonded and sharing a large two level indoor cage without incident! They seem really happy. Am still giving them a couple of hours...
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    Bonding bunnies!

    We are taking him out first gaffled in a towel. So far so good. Will not use hot sauce. I have to admit he is kind of scaring me but i am going to assert myself until he learns tat i am “ boss bunny.”
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    Bonding bunnies!

    Now that Dutchess and Arnold has bonded, Arnold is starting to nip us when we try to take Dutchess out of their outdoor playpen, like he is protecting her. Has anyone encountered this and have suggestions for discouraging it? We are thinking about water mist or gloves or hot sauce or bitter...
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    Bonding bunnies!

    Dutchess and Arnold have bonded! They love sitting together and grooming each other. No aggression. We opted for very slow gradual bonding.
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    Flea treatment?

    just noticed that Arnold is covered with fleas. What is safe for bunnies? Am seeing vet tomorrow. We have been using Advantage for our cats but have read yjat Revolution is safer for bunnies. Or would diatomaceous earth or insect growth inhibitor be safer? Thank you.
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    Please help, I'm running out of ideas.

    Can you buy the bunny from them?
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    Bonding bunnies!

    Dutchess and Arnold have been in adjoining cages for a long time. When i would put them together, Dutchess would bite Arnold. Now when i out them in a neutral area ( bathroom) Dutchess grooms Arnolds face which he really loves. Both are fixed. Eventually would like to house them together...
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    My rabbits eye is scaring me more everyday. Will he die?

    I lost a guinea pig to a really bad eye infection that started with an infected bad tooth. I so hope your bunny gets better soon.
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    Any suggested easy to push baby musical toys for bunnies?

    Dutchess just loves her Little Einstein take along musical toy and pushes it frequently. She loves classical music. Anyone know of a similar toy, for variety? Thank you.
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    Please help - Nipping and scratching at night

    We pick up our bunnies in a towel, wrapping them up like a “ bunny burrito.” They seem to like that and are not likely to resist. Plus we reward their going back into their cage each day with their very favorite treat ( small piece of dried apple ring).
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    what kind of veggies are besst for rabbits and how much to feed

    I give our two adult lionheads three pieces of green leaf lettuce, a one inch piece of carrot, and a small dried apple ring each, each day. Plus a handfuls ul of timothy pellets. Mostly what they eat is timothy hay.
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    Duchess loves musical toys!

    Recently gave our spayed female lionhead a stuffed toy that plays “ Twinkle, Twinkle.” It is kind of hard to get it to play but she tries. So got her a new 3 mo infant toy that plays lots of songs and has flashling lights, when a button is pushed. She loves it and i think she will start setting...
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    Young Bunny Won’t Leave Play Pen

    Our lionheads will do anything for a small piece of dried apple ring.
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    Need help making a hard decision

    Have googled panacur. It does apparently cause side effects sometimes like GI stasis, liver problems, bone marrow suppression. Would get anotger vet opinion to see if with TLC your rabbit can be helped. I really hope so.
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    Need help making a hard decision

    Am very sorry to hear about your bunny. I live on central coast CA too. Agree that you should get a second opinion. Liver can regenerate in would see if there are ways to keep your bunny comfortable at home and ask whether he may recover with treatment. Agree that there are likely...
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    Help with bonding

    Am interested to hear what people say because our bunnies are kind of that stage also and i want to make sure before housing them together that they are ready.
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