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    Wrigley Rabbit Pictures

    I absolutely LOVE that flying bunny! Wrigley istoo cute I had a Mini lop, Odessa,several years ago &this made me miss her even more! Odessa was by far the most expressivebunny i have ever met! I now have Dutches & they don't compare! That's a beauty! And great camera work, too!
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    The box thing is great! A friend made a box outof plywood and I believe it would be used for a nesting box. (The boxhas a metal, mesh bottom & the top slides open, the sides arewood with one small opening.) It's a very simple box, but the rabbitsnever had an interest in it! I put the darn...
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    WOW! Thank you for the advice! I have a "nestingbox" that the rabbits didn't pay any attention to, until I put theshipping paper in there! The box has been in their play area from dayone, but neither rabbit had any interest in it! Today, Emily jumped inimmediately and checked things out. As soon...
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    Thanks for the advice. Yes, Rocket, aka Fat Boy,has a high back litter pan & he is out of his cage whenever weare home. He even has a large cage it's almost three feet from side toside & about 2 feet high. (At least it's the biggest cage Ihave ever had for my rabbits.) I'll try the extra...
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    I have a little Dutch male who loves to dig outall the litter in his pan everyday, several times a day! I use alphabases pellets & it's changed daily. Is there anything I can doto help satisfy this urge to dig? Michele Now I'm Rocket & Emily's mom
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    Which is the best combo for a rabbit pair?

    Carolyn, Thanks for the advice! I keep hesitating on getting the other rabbit. As I said, my first bonding attempt with a pair of rabbits in the past, wasn't pretty! I ended up in the Emergency vet! The first rabbit had attacked the new rabbit and his guts were hanging out of his belly! I...
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    A House Bunny

    My rabbit runs around freely when I'm home. Littertraining was quite easy. We let the rabbit out and about every tenminutes we put him back in the cage in the litter pan. We haven't hadan accident since day three and it has been seven months! AS far as thewires, I just chase him away! I'll have...
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    Which is the best combo for a rabbit pair?

    I have a 10 month old Dutch male. I would like to get a "friend" for him. I am wondering if it is better to pair him with a male or female. DJ (The dutch male) is neutered and the friend would also be "fixed." I will appreciate any help I can get. (I have to have them "fixed" because I adopt...