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  1. Cashew

    Advice for Rehoming Rabbit Pair in Richmond TX

    were you able to find them a home? I also have a bunny I need to rehome and live in your area I was just wondering if you found some place that was trustworthy.
  2. Cashew

    Throw your rabbit names at me!

    Cashew is our sweet boys name❤️
  3. Cashew

    Peeing outside his litter box

    no no changes of anything that we use inside the letter box. there's no apparent reason why he will not use.
  4. Cashew

    Peeing outside his litter box

    no that's why I'm so baffled he doesn't seem to like the litter box he has any longer is as if he's refusing to use that particular box I'm going to try a box with low sides see if that's any different
  5. Cashew

    Peeing outside his litter box

    Thank you everyone but my little guy has a huge litter box with plenty of room for at least two to three bunnies. He's had never had a problem using it before. This is a behavioral issue. I'm currently trying to figure out what changes are needed to be made.
  6. Cashew

    Peeing outside his litter box

    I've been watching him he runs to that area pees then he will jump into his letterbox. very strange behavior he's never done this before and now he's doing it consistently
  7. Cashew

    Going on vacation... solo bunny

    actually my automatic feeder allows you to measure how much you want to come out. He doesn't get over food with our feeder it has settings as to how much they get.
  8. Cashew

    Peeing outside his litter box

    hi everyone I need some advice. have a 2-year mail mini Holland lop who is neutered. he would always always go to the bathroom inside his litter box with a few droppings outside all of a sudden he is now peeing outside the litter box in one corner. I have had to put puppy pads down. he does...
  9. Cashew

    Going on vacation... solo bunny

    Hi y'all, We recently took a short two day vacation and I purchase this automatic feeder for our bun. This particular one was absolutely wonderful it worked perfectly and what I liked about it is that it had no outside buttons for bunny to chew on the buttons are on the inside. Just thought...
  10. Cashew

    Rabbit Picture Thread! - Share those cutie pies!

    Mr. Cashew 😘🐇
  11. Cashew

    Sacks right after neuter?

    I put a cone on my bunny just for a couple of days to keep him from licking. I made the cone myself there are YouTube's to show you how. how is it that the bad would send you home and not make you aware of these things. And what to look for 🤔. It's best to keep him from licking at it for at...
  12. Cashew

    Litter training troubles!

    You are having almost identical problems we were having with our bunny. When he poops he is claiming his territory. The problem was his whole territory was my whole house. After lots of research in trial and error. It appears that we gave too much space too fast so we had to back him off on...
  13. Cashew

    Spay/neuter cost?

    I'd be happy to.
  14. Cashew

    Ear shaking?

    Cashew is molting at this time and that did run through my mind . Perhaps that's the problem. Thank you.
  15. Cashew

    Ear shaking?

    I too have noticed something very similar in Cashew. There is no sign of mites in the ear however he is scratching and shaking his ears and always trying to clean as if he's trying to reach something in his ears. I can't get him into the vet until Tuesday. He also seems to not be hearing us...
  16. Cashew

    Ear shaking?

  17. Cashew

    Spay/neuter cost?

  18. Cashew

    Post a Pic of your bunny with the Hashtag #StayInTogether

    Our sweet boy Cashew he loves to work with me from home. 🐰♥️
  19. Cashew

    My bunny's behavior

    I too very recently was having a lot of behavioral issues due to hormones and our bunny being 4 months old and needing to be neutered he was getting out of night I stayed up all night reading everything I could get my hands on and I started using vinegar water 50/50 solution spring it...
  20. Cashew

    Spay/neuter cost?

    Update I did find one vet in my area that does treat bunnies. This time I was quoted $210 for neutering a buck.