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  1. Peaches and Cream

    New here!

    Awesome! I have two Standard rexes and I love them! Such sweet playful rabbits😊
  2. Peaches and Cream

    Get to know each other game!

    I would definitely call my future bunny Hazel! TPBM, You love taking your rabbit on car rides and little adventures?
  3. Peaches and Cream

    New member!

    Extremely cute bunny! Welcome to forum :)
  4. Peaches and Cream

    Showing my Buns

    Thank you SO much, this was extremely helpful before my fair, I won Grand Champion in Novice Showmanship, Thank you again for your help, and hope you did/do well in your fair! ♥️
  5. Peaches and Cream

    Share your cuties please

    Here is a better quality and most recent picture of Honey!
  6. Peaches and Cream

    Share your cuties please

    This is my bun named honey and her sister is Penny behind her! 😍
  7. Peaches and Cream

    Just get rabbits for 4 days, very new and inexperience

    Welcome to the forum! I know all of us will do our best to help you through giving your buns the best life 😊
  8. Peaches and Cream

    Got'cha Day!

    Sometimes what I do is I set up a little pen outside and let them binky around! If you put chemicals on your grass maybe put some blankets on the ground, in the pen so the grass is not exposed. I'll try and think of some other ideas but for now they are so lucky to have you @LassieBunBun ♥️
  9. Peaches and Cream

    New Bunnies!

    So exciting! I used an old blanket for mine but a shirt would also work just as well, Find out their favorite treat, What I would do is I would either pick my bunny up or just pet them and after that I give them a treat for it so that they relate good things with being pet and after a while they...
  10. Peaches and Cream

    Long lasting rabbit toys??

    Awesome thank you so much!
  11. Peaches and Cream

    Long lasting rabbit toys??

    Awesome I will check them out! Thanks!
  12. Peaches and Cream

    Long lasting rabbit toys??

    Thank you so much @Blue eyes and @Jocee! That helps so much, I have a tunnel on the way and I'm keeping cardboard boxes and pieces of wood! My buns will be so happy to have a challenge! 😄
  13. Peaches and Cream

    Long lasting rabbit toys??

    As we all know rabbits need toys to grind their teeth down and to keep them busy, but we can't always take our rabbits every where we go. All my rabbits favorite toys get destroyed in minutes cause they love them so much! Which is great and all my I need a toy that lasts longer while I'm away...
  14. Peaches and Cream

    Safe herbs for a bunny prone to stasis

    Hi! I have a friend who's bunny is also prone to stasis and I would recommend Sage for bunnies prone to stasis, it boosts their over all health and immune system also basil is a great one, any herbs that arent dry and are pretty moist or wet help aid in moving their digestive system along, hope...
  15. Peaches and Cream

    Hey, New Here!

    Hey welcome to the forum! 🐇
  16. Peaches and Cream

    Meet Smokey and Apollo

    Awesome thank you so much!
  17. Peaches and Cream

    Showing my Buns

    They are rex rabbits!
  18. Peaches and Cream

    Bella Bunny

    Awwww she is such a little angel! Welcome to the forum and may your bun bring you lots of happiness!😍
  19. Peaches and Cream

    Showing my Buns

    Hey everyone I hope some of you find the time to message me back, this is my first year showing and was wanting some advice and tips, Such as how to keep your rabbit in the same pose? Any grooming tips? Thank you for your time 🤗
  20. Peaches and Cream

    Declaring War against my bunnies

    Your bunny habitat is amazing! If you look closely your buns are living the life! They have hidey houses, tunnels, plenty of hay and water, pellets, SO much wood to chew on and a resting place off the ground, personally I think of it as, if they have enough room to binky it's big enough! 10 out...