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  1. BunnySis

    Never has my *bunny* ever

    Never! Nova hasnt even been bonded once. Shes a single bunny! NHMBE Chewed through an important cord?
  2. BunnySis

    Any other "Bunbun's" out there?

    So cute! I have a stuffed animal I've had since I was a baby. SHe kinda had 2 names. Bunny, and Bunbun. I didn't want to even consider naming Nova one of those cause it felt weird. But it is a good name!! And your bun is soo adorable!
  3. BunnySis

    Lop eared bunnies and ear problems

    Just recently Nova had what looked like dandruff on her ears. We looked it up and thought it was waking dandruff but we did further investigation and it is not. Thankfully there is no more dandruff!
  4. BunnySis

    Skin problem, anyone know what this is?

    I think this could be your rabbits skin. Nova is black and white and her sin also is black and white. Since your bunny is brown and white this may be the case. Hope this helps
  5. BunnySis

    Bossy Little Miss

    Maybe she wants a treat. But otherwise have you gotten her nails trimmed recently?
  6. BunnySis

    When the buns take over...

  7. BunnySis

    Get to know each other game!

    Thats a hard one. Its not one of my hobbies but if I want to I will. TPBM has a mental disability (I have 3)
  8. BunnySis

    Never has my *bunny* ever

    Nova has! She went into GI stasis after chewing a cord and ingesting metal. Never has my bunny looked out the window
  9. BunnySis

    Homemade treats… Oat?

    I also make my own treats. I crush pellets and hay up and mush some banana and occasionally applesauce (Unsweetened) and cook 'em iin the oven for a couple hours. Nova loves them.
  10. BunnySis

    Get to know each other game!

    Nope. My dad is allergic and my mom doesnt like em. (POVs are Point of views. if you look up on youtube you'll see) TPBM fav color?
  11. BunnySis

    Get to know each other game!

    Nope. TPBM likes POVs
  12. BunnySis

    Update on the Holland Lop buck (Good Type)

    What do you mean by 'good type' ?
  13. BunnySis


    Answered! Let me know when you finish designing! Would love to see it.
  14. BunnySis

    Survey rabbit cages

    Completed! Good luck!
  15. BunnySis

    New bun bun mommy !!

    Hes adorable! Hope you guys are doing well. if you need anything don't hesitate to ask -Linda(Laina) and Nova(bun)
  16. BunnySis

    My 2 bunnies just ate some candy

    Definitely monitor their poops. By bun ate some metal from a cord and was put into GI stasis. Most of these candies can be fatal to rabbits. If you notice anything abnormal take them to the vet right away! You don't want to take any chances. and try to brush them so the hair dosen't get in their...
  17. BunnySis

    Get to know each other game!

    SSSniperwolf. TPBM Whats your fav bunny product/decoration/item?
  18. BunnySis

    Female Bunny not eating pellets, losing weight.

    Yeah. Nova when she was younger ate them all at once. Just recently she started doing this...
  19. BunnySis

    Female Bunny not eating pellets, losing weight.

    And my bun Nova does this all the time. We think she saves them for later. She could just be full.