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    Dutchess refusing to eat hay, not pooping enough again

    Thank you!!! I ordered from Small Pet Select. In the meantime, I found a few handfuls of the older hay which Dutchess immediately consumed. Then she pooped! Guess I will have to give up on Rabbit Hole Hay.
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    Dutchess refusing to eat hay, not pooping enough again

    Recently received different hay online, but Dutchess is refusing to eat it. It is more coarse and less green than it was before from Rabbit Hole Hay. Can anyone pls recommend a source for soft orchard hay and soft timothy hay? Thank you!
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    Abby swollen cheek, not eating or pooping

    This is Abby. Her hair was over her eyes but now has been trimmed back. She looked like a Trbble and it was hard to tell her face from her tail end.
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    Abby swollen cheek, not eating or pooping

    Abby seems better. Amazingly, vet found no real dental issues. I was embarassed because the swelling on her cheek was food stuck under her very fine long hair! Vet fixed that, shaved her perineal area, and they trimmed around her eyes. They put a rubber band around a Pom Pom of hair so she could...
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    Abby swollen cheek, not eating or pooping

    Thank you. Taking Abby to vet in two hours. Will give her meds, critical cate. Hope her swollen cheek is not a tooth root.
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    Rabbit attacked by cat (RIP)

    Am so sorry for your loss of Creela.
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    Rabbit won’t poop even with medicine!

    Abby wasn’t eating or pooping. X-ray showed no poop but also no blockage. Suggest X-ray.
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    How to clean a really dirty and poopy rabbit?

    Abby had a hard poop area all over her back end. Finally I got a large pan and filled it with water and plopped her into it. She liked it! I gently agitated her fur until all the poop came off. I just used my fingers and coul feel the poop loosen and drop off. Then I dried her with a towel. She...
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    Abby swollen cheek, not eating or pooping

    Abby, our two yr old 2.2 lb furry lion head, quit eating and pooping. Doesnt drink water. Vet said she looked fine. Is on meloxidyl, metoproclamide, simethicone. Am trying to force feed critical care but getting very little into rather than onto the bunny. Got fluids and abdominal X-rays...
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    Eye discharge

    Dutchess is doing much better. I make sure she gets time in her outdoor pen for fresh air and sun every day. She has not had any more need for tooth trimming or tear duct problems. Vet flushed her tear ducts about a year ago.
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    Strange Behavior, Please Help..

    How is she doing? Hope she is all better soon.
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    Eye discharge

    Our bunny Dutchess has eye discharge sometimes. Vet said after xrays that her tooth roots near her eye are kind of long. But he doesn’t think it is causing pain. How is your bunny doing?
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    Lump! Help!

    Hope it is just a lipoma.
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    Syringe Feeding Tips

    Dutchess hates syringe feeding. If she isn’t eating well or pooping, I start the meloxicam, simethicone, and motility stimulant. Then I cut grass outside and buy wheat grass and various veggies (carrot tops, parsley) and slowly put grass or veggie stems in her mouth. Usually she will chew them...
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    Lump! Help!

    Am hoping for the best for Ashy. That it is external makes it easier to see and remove.
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    Bluebell’s spaying day

    Glad Bluebell is doing ok. Our boy bunny had an undescended testicle it turned out. But we knew he was a boy. Am surprised Bluebell was a boy.
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    Lump! Help!

    Ashy, if the FNA was inconclusive, does that mean they didn’t find any concerning cells or ? With the Guinea pigs, both had cancer and one had a very fast growing kind which luckily hasn’t spread. Can the lump be just a cyst?
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    Best cranberry tablets for bunnies?

    Thank you, will check out Sherwood tablets.
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    Lump! Help!

    I have two male Guinea pigs who had cancerous mammary tumors removed over a year ago. Vet care has improved a lot. Hope your bunny’s cytology comes out benign.
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    Something has injured her nose

    She is lovely! Hope she is all better soon.