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    Bunny kisses or am I just salty?

    Aww you bun and pup sound so sweet. Mybun, Pip, licks me all the time too. I think it is anaffectionate lick, but I could be wrong. Have funwith your bun!! :P
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    Especially for QTbunnies

    I am so sorry for your loss. This is avery difficult time and we are all here for you. Cammie was abeauty, at least she is not suffering anymore. I know how youfeel, I lost my Butter on Friday. Just try to keep your headup and think of all the fun and happy memories. Take care. Leigh-Anne
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    one of each, how lucky am i?

    Congratulations!!! What are their names??? Leigh-Anne:)
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    Oh man...

    I agree with gjsara ... maybe you don't have totell your landlord. My fiance live in an apartment buildingwhere were are not supposed to have pets. Buns are easy tohide. Plus, legally, your landlord cannot come into yourapartment without telling you before hand (that would give you time tohide...
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    In Memory of Velveteen "Butter" It has only been a few days since you left us. We are stillsad that we no longer get to look at your cute bunny face, but we knowthat you are better now. You are no longer suffering, you arenow in an endless field of wildflowers and clover, basking in the warmsun...
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    Velveteen 'Butter' -- put to rest

    Thank you everyone for all of your prayers,condolences and concern. It really means a lot to me (and myfamily). Also, thank you for the Rainbow Bridge poem Carolyn,it was very touching. It is so nice to have such a caringgroup of people to lean on for support during this time.Everyone is so warm...
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    Velveteen 'Butter' -- put to rest

    thank you for your concern... it is muchappeciated. I am feeling better about my decisiontoday. I haven ever had to put an animal down before, so thiswas my first experience. I never want to go through itagain. But at least Butter is hopping and binkying somewherewhere he isn't in pain anymore. :)
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    Velveteen 'Butter' -- put to rest

    Well, I had to put Velveteen (more commonly knowas Butter) to sleep yesterday. The vet examined him andconcluded that he had a circulatory problem (his heart was givingout). I cried the whole time, which I didn't want to dobecause I didn't want Butter to sense that I was sad :( Thevet said it...
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    Pip's surgery scheduled

    update on Butter: He seems to be feeling much better today. Not surewhy he had the episode last night -- we really thought we were going tolose him. All is well so far today, he still has thearthritic back leg, but there really isn't much we can do about that,just keep him comfortable. I just...
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    Found Animal Communicator (translate: Pet Psychic) Who Specializes in Bunnies!!!!

    Bunny Mom, How cool!! Interesting site! Leigh-Anne ;)
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    playing dead

    Rose, How precious!!! I love babies. He mustbe so cute... are you going to post pictures of the littleones??? :) Leigh-Anne
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    Apollo In New York

    Gorgeuos Apollo!! What a sweetie. Leigh-Anne:cool:
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    Cher, Good for you!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!:dude: Jezabelle is such a cutie. Leigh-Anne
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    Pip's surgery scheduled

    Pam, Oh, I would love to see a picture of Ruth. I LOVEmice -- they are so adorable. I used to have one years agoand she was quite rank too. LOL. Thanks for the ideas on odorcontol. I will try the vinegar solution to clean Pip'scage. Hopefully once he is "fixed" in another month he willsmell a...
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    Pip's surgery scheduled

    Tina and Apollo Cher, Jez and Jade, Thank you for the prayers and concerns. When we took Butterto the ER, he stopped the teeth grinding and began to perkup. The vet said he may have been having an allergic reactionto something (which caused the shortness of breath). My momrecently switched...
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    Pip's surgery scheduled

    on our way to the emergency clinic. wish us luck. leigh-anne, Pippy and Butterscotch
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    Bunny Human Calculator!

    Cute site. Pippy is 18 -- going through puberty I think. lol. He'll be as old a me in a month :shock:
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    Pip's surgery scheduled

    an update: took Pippy for his neutering today. They looked at time andasked me to wait another month to see if he would gain another pound orso. He is a dwarf to begin with (2 pounds) and he is already7 months old -- so I doubt he will grow much bigger. Theyjust want to err on the side of...
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    new member

    Tippy's mom, Tippy is such a cutie. Welcome to theforum. Give Tippy a hug for us. My buns nume isPippy (they rhyme, hee hee) Leigh-Anne and Pippy
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    Introducing Snowy to the Board!!

    Snowy is beautiful. Hugs to Snowy from Pip:)