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    Rabbit stopped grooming/urine scald

    I had a rabbit that occasionally lost small chunks of fur towards her side in an area that would make contact with the crapper, carpet, sidewalk, etc, without having hair to protect it. For a long time, I did the whole keep it dry and don't put anything on it. After all, virtually everyone in...
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    Rabbit stopped grooming/urine scald

    I assume you have extensive experience using the described 2-step method and cleaning wildlife? I mean, how else could someone speak in such definitive terms? (esp?) Not too long ago, the general consensus was that skin should be kept dry and wounds should be kept dry. And even with evidence...
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    Should I separate them? Very depressed bond mate

    I am so sorry to hear. Our rabbits could live to a million years and it still wouldn't be enough time. I think your idea of finding Dunkin a friend is a really good idea (as it would benefit both you and him.) For what it's worth, I don't think Dunkin's response was influenced by instinct or...
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    Rabbit losing weight but appetite string

    I second the stool sample. Can you tell us about things such as age, history, prior medical issues, diet, current and past weight, other pets, housing arrangements, area you are from, any changes in pooping, poop characteristics, diet, and H2O intake??? If a rabbit's food consumption has...
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    metoclopramide concern - need some insight

    I think the metoclopramide horror stories are often not the outcome of the metoclopramide, but the outcome of serious diseases that are difficult to manage. Some may also be the outcome of incorrect dosing or unnecessary usage. When it comes to stasis, I justify the risks in the same fashion I...
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    Rabbit can't move at all! Paralyzed!

    The poop returning to normal is a very, very, very good sign given how much poop speaks to overall health. Even though it does not sound like EC due to such rapid changes, and it is very possible that the cause was neither parasitic or bacterial, I would still advise to be sure to stay the...
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    Rabbits and Dogs!

    I agree. Rabbits and dogs, when properly introduced, can become best buddies. My rabbit does not like other rabbits at all, but she likes several cats and dogs we have introduced her to in a controlled setting (beyond paying very close attention for any signs of stress and utilizing positive...
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    Rabbit stopped grooming/urine scald

    I disagree. I am not advocating using olive oil or a 1% Dawn soap dilution in normal cases. According to the OP, this is an extreme case; consequently, this buildup may be fusing to the skin. The most urgent priority is IMO removing the buildup. The second most urgent priority is protecting...
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    cat chasing rabbit, just playing?

    It does not sound like the rabbit is all that distressed. However, it would be easier to say with a video.
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    Rabbit can't move at all! Paralyzed!

    How have the poop pellets changed in things like size, consistency, smell, texture, etc.? Has he ever been treated with any anti-parasitic, such as Panacur? Has the Vet done a poop analysis? Is he currently on any of the various gut stimulants? What is his weight and what is the Panacur dosing...
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    It's all about the poop !

    What percentage of the diet is hay? And what hays are you using? Based on those images, the first thing I would do if it were me is increase long strand fiber intake. My opinion is moving in the direction that half of the weight of diet in hay is often not enough. I am seeing great results with...
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    What do you feed your rabbit?

    Why is salt considered unnecessary? Obviously rabbits lose salt at a much slower pace than us sweaty people, and are presumably more efficient at recycling their reserves, but I was not aware that the sodium content in vegetables alone is considered sufficient? Truth be told I've moved in the...
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    Dog bite

    It sounds like you are past the worst of it already, but in addition to the current treatment, you could add on an advanced topical should you have further issues. These advanced products have several big advantages over older products, the most relevant here are the ability to assist the body...
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    Poison ivy, will rabbit be affected?

    Provided you used something to remove the oil that causes the irritation, and provided you do not have a topical on your skin that contains anything that is preferable not to be ingested (ex: a baking soda or baking soda + vinegar paste applied to the affected areas), the only thing I would...
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    Rabbit stopped grooming/urine scald

    You could use a bedding such are CareFresh not only holds a lot of liquid, but it will prevent that liquid from transferring to other surfaces. It is expensive but effective...the low dust and lack of irritants may help some. To date, I've not used any bedding or litter I think is...
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    cat chasing rabbit, just playing?

    I'm not saying make an entire area. I am talking about a small area such as a corner or ledge area designed to act as a retreat area. It would not need to even be permanent or anything. It could even be one of those toy hay houses designed for rabbits to do into. You are testing to see what the...
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    What do you feed your rabbit?

    I agree. Oxbow seems to be moving in the direction of many other Makers, which is the whole natural and organic kick. While this organic kick is driving the price up, it doesn't necessarily mean better food. In some cases, it's nothing more than paying more for less. The fat/protein/carb...
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    What do you feed your rabbit?

    Sherwood. I fed my last rabbit Oxbow for about 7 years. I started with Oxbow for my current rabbit as that is what the shelter fed her, but then switched to Sherwood. A few months ago, I asked how much better Sherwood was and if the higher price was justifiable, but there were not a huge...
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    Cleaning Plastic Rabbit Cage

    If using a pressure washer isn't convenient, peroxide + baking soda will remove both the smell and the stain on most surfaces. Depending on what surface needs cleaning, the addition of dish soap will augment the speed thanks to the degreasing action. (Peroxide is also an effective disinfectant...
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    Best Hay Feeder: How to Prevent Rabbit from Wasting Hay

    With most rabbits, it doesn't exist. The selective grazing habits of rabbits often mean that they like some strands of hay more than others and they eat the differently graded strands in a different order. They may sort it, and it is very common for them to pull tons of pieces off of the hay...