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  1. thevanguard6


    Bone spurs on the sides of the teeth. Typically show up in lops (due to the compressed skulls in that breed). One thing that helps cut down on tooth spurs is more timothy hay. You'll want to keep an eye on your bunny. If you see difficulty chewing again, it's back to the vet to have the new...
  2. thevanguard6

    Rude comments are UNNECESSARY on a website built to help others....

    Well said. I actually have to set aside time to be on here (which is why you see comments from me in bursts, and then nothing for a while). We're all on here because we care. So be kind (or, at the very least, patient) everyone.
  3. thevanguard6

    Bunny constantly trying to mate with me?

    Back in the old days -- before anyone seemed to know anything about rabbits -- we had un-fixed males in the house. We just put up with it. It's annoying to get sprayed (especially when you're about to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant)... but what can you do? The adrenal gland comment by...
  4. thevanguard6

    Bunny only eating pellets with declined appetite

    Lettuce (iceberg in particular) is pretty much poison to a rabbit's gut. You'll want to get your bunny on a fairly strict diet of timothy hay and water. Once your rabbit's gut stabilizes, then you can introduce dried treats like: - thin slices of dried apple - dried fruit tree leaves - dried...
  5. thevanguard6

    *Please help/URGENT* I think my bunny might have a respiratory infection!

    The symptoms sound like the snuffles. It's a bacteria that affect rabbits. It definitely should be treated. A diet that emphasizes timothy hay can help. The hay increases the probiotic content in the rabbit's gut, which -- in turn -- helps to fight the bad bacteria. Keeping your bunny warm and...
  6. thevanguard6

    What to bathe rabbit in

    As others have mentioned, no baths for bunnies. Just a slightly damp cloth should be fine. Then blot with paper towel to dry them off as much as possible. If the issue is diet-related, then the solution is typically less greens and pellets and more timothy hay. Some good bunny diet tips here...
  7. thevanguard6

    Help Rescued rabbit

    It might take a while for her to get used to you. Do you have any other pets? Are you around cats or dogs much? (your clothes might have picked up the scent of some other animal; that can set them off). A good bonding tip is to sit on the floor with the bunny (and resist the urge to reach out...
  8. thevanguard6

    My bunny's behavior

    Sounds like a teenager. Yep. If you can put up with the aggression for a while, you could put off the neutering for 2 to 6 months. It's well worth being patient with him. That breed of rabbit is especially wonderful when they get older (in fact, I have one right here who looks very much like...
  9. thevanguard6

    BunBun's feeding time....

    That schedule's probably fine (assuming there's hay and water 24/7). You might consider giving your rabbit one more snack around your bed time (since your bunny's going to be up most of the night). I also double-check to see that there's enough hay to last my rabbits until I get up in the...
  10. thevanguard6

    2020 Indoor Cages... add your photo!

    Not actually a photo of a finished enclosure. More of a guide for how to build one:
  11. thevanguard6

    Do rabbits recognize their owners?

    If you've spent enough time with your rabbits, then yes. It's easier to tell when you observe how differently they act around you as compared to a stranger. There's some rabbit behavior information in the following: (pages 5 and 6):
  12. thevanguard6

    I cannot get my rabbit to take his medicine

    The method of wrapping a bunny in a towel seems to work quite well. Then you slip the syringe with the meds into the corner of your bunny's mouth. Here's some photos to give you idea of what a lot of vets do:
  13. thevanguard6

    How many veggies for BunBun?

    Over the years, I've found that too many fresh veggies are a problem for a rabbit's gut (especially as they age). Now I don't offer any at all and instead offer dried fruit and veggies in small amounts. Here's the diet that I've been using successfully for over a decade: - unlimited Timothy hay...
  14. thevanguard6

    Need help with my scared rabbit

    Yep. Those bunny/cat carriers are great for that sort of thing. I think every rabbit owner should have one. Try sitting on the floor and letting your bunny come to you. Resist the urge to reach out and grab her. Act like you're ignoring her and she'll be climbing on you in no time. As for...
  15. thevanguard6

    Return my bunny?

    Adoption prices are usually quite low (and an amazingly good deal because they spay/neuter their rabbits). Since you're new to bunnies, here's some very important reading material (it's quite short, so it won't take you long to go over it -- and it'll make your life a lot easier)...
  16. thevanguard6

    Who says rabbits aren't smart??

    I recall thinking I was really smart. I'd built an enclosure for my Holland lop, and I'd gone as far as wiring the walls of the enclosure to the rug that it was sitting on (the rug was on concrete). Eventually he chewed a hole through the rug. No problem, I thought. Then, one day, it occurred to...
  17. thevanguard6

    The story about a rabbit and a hare in the 1950s
  18. thevanguard6

    Bunny flopping? stir crazy bunny?

    Yep. She's happy that you're home.
  19. thevanguard6


    Good article. I'm glad to hear that it mentions the importance of looking at what wild rabbits eat (since that's the benchmark). The essentials of rabbit diet are in the following PDF:
  20. thevanguard6

    How much time do you need to handle a bunny passing?

    It took my brother over a year to get over the loss of his last rabbit. I find that -- for me -- I have to process things for around 8 to 10 months. After that, the irresistible urge to have a rabbit around the house comes back in full force.