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  1. NotaCocoaPuff

    Female still marking…

    She has very good litter habits… except in the room Oliver is in. She only poops and pee’s outside the litter box in his room. When they were bonded there were never accidents. It was only after their bond was broken.
  2. NotaCocoaPuff

    Female still marking…

    My make and female are both fixed. They were bonded for many months but after several rebonding attempts and subsequent violent fights I decided it was safer to keep them separate. We built my male a large 8’x4’ cage and he’s loving it. My female is free roam however she is very keen on marking...
  3. NotaCocoaPuff

    Bonding/re-bonding help!

    I have a partition between their boxes and that has seemed to help sa far as the guarding of the litterboxes and Oliver chasing her. He really can't chase her now because there is not enough room. There is still no interaction from either of them, they are just ignoring each other and keeping to...
  4. NotaCocoaPuff

    Bonding/re-bonding help!

    I totally forgot to upload the photos, sorry about that! See my reply for photos of their setup pre-fight. So if I expand their pen a little more would you have both litter boxes in it? I have large litter boxes, they lounge in them from time to time. This is partly why I added another... my...
  5. NotaCocoaPuff

    Bonding/re-bonding help!

    Advice needed!... I adopted my male rabbit, Oliver over 2-3 years ago. He's free roam and recently lost his bunwife a few months ago. She was very submissive to him, probably because she was unknowingly very sick. We recently adopted Piper, spayed female. We went through the usualy bonding...
  6. NotaCocoaPuff

    Dental surgery… long term care advice (RIP)

    Simba_dad unfortunately she did pass. Her condition was just more severe than the even the vet thgouht. We felt it was not humane to put her through what would have been 3-5 surgeries then living with ongoing frequent vet visits, chronic medications, and pureed diet. This vet is nationally...
  7. NotaCocoaPuff

    Dental surgery… long term care advice (RIP)

    Thanks JBun, I appreciate the information. Unfortunately Fiona did not make it to surgery. Her disease was worse then the vets thought. Not just the abscess we already knew about but also her teeth were growing upwards beyond her jaw bone which meant also removing her entire bottom jaw on top...
  8. NotaCocoaPuff

    Dental surgery… long term care advice (RIP)

    Long story short… My sweet Fiona needs surgery for a dental abscess that is pushing up her eye. My question is for those of you who have gone through dental surgery with a rabbit. What are the long-term effects? My vet said that often times they develop issues due to the pocket that is left...
  9. NotaCocoaPuff

    Why are my buns so chill?

    It might just be their personalities. My Fiona has always been a quiet girl. When I first got her I thought she was just scared, nervous being in a new place but after 6 weeks she was still the same quiet reserved girl. She is free range but has always remained in her little corner near her...
  10. NotaCocoaPuff

    can rabbits eat citrus?

    My guy eats clementine wedges occasionally and does fine with them
  11. NotaCocoaPuff

    24/7 Bonding - Please Help!!!

    One thing that really helped a few of my bunny's was stress bonding. I would put them in a laundry basket together and run the dryer or while I vacuumed (always supervised). Also took them for car rides in a pet carrier. I did this at least once a day and sometimes more on weekends. This was...
  12. NotaCocoaPuff

    Does yours do this?

    Those pictures are so darn cute!
  13. NotaCocoaPuff

    My bunny is eating dog food!

    My late Mr. Rabbit used to scavenge the dog and cat food dishes just to make sure there were no scraps left behind. He was very sneaky about it and knew exactly when we weren't paying attention. We would come around the corner and just say to him "what are you doing?" sternly like he was our kid...
  14. NotaCocoaPuff

    Litter training after neuter.

    When Oliver got neutered he already had pretty good litter habits however after his neuter he pooped all over his area. He was also bonded with his bunwife Fiona so I'm not sure if she had something to do with his habits changing. That being said whenever he had a pee accident I would soak it...
  15. NotaCocoaPuff

    Bonded Bunny pass on

    I am so sorry for your loss! I have been through this twice now, mostly recently just a few months ago. My sweet little Fiona was bonded to Farrah, though not as long as yours, when Farrah suddenly passed from GI stasis. We had brought her to a vet that was over an hour away and after she...
  16. NotaCocoaPuff

    Safe wood/sticks

    My guy goes crazy for willow! I too, order off of etsy. MaineWoodNThings sells a variety of different wood pieces for chew toys. Mine prefer the willow mostly but also chew their pine litter box, birch and cardboard. I live in FL and coastal willow grows like a weed here. They love when I make...
  17. NotaCocoaPuff

    Nationwide insurance for spay/neuter?

    I have nationwide for my dogs but considering it for my bunnies. That being said, I had the humane society spay/neuter mine and it was pretty inexpensive. In my area is was $50 each.
  18. NotaCocoaPuff

    Bunny Misbehaving? (ripping up carpet, chewing through cords, etc.)

    I place all my exposed wires in plastic tubing from home depot. I get the thick clear vinyl tubing in the sprinkler section and splice it down the middle then feed my wires through it. It has worked great with all 4 of my rabbits. Anything that I can't put in tubing I stuff behind furniture and...