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    Looking for ideas on how to make a setup

    Building a large rabbit enclosure, but at a loss of how. I've been looking through the Outdoor and Indoor Setups threads too, not much there that looks like a fit for us. So the enclosure would be in a 3 sided shed, so no problem of wind or rain or aerial predators. The largest predator we...
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    Back leg problems in Senior Flemish Giant

    Probably a little over a month ago we had to take our 6 year old to the vet. We had noticed she wasn't jumping up onto boxes like she used to, so took her out and let her run around, and saw what looks like quite severe muscle wasting on one of her back legs. It's hard to describe, but when you...
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    RHDV2 Vaccine concerns

    So the RHDV2 was released/somehow got here about 2 years ago in NZ. We live rural, as well, so obviously got my rabbits vaccinated. My Flemish Giant doe had a bad reaction to it. It messed up her nervous system, she was twitching for a good 6 months afterwards. So that scared me, a lot. I also...
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    Home grown grass

    Mine get it every night, and love it.
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    This or That? (game)

    Drawing. (Thanks to my hand screaming in agony when I write) A grumpy bun or a shy bun
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    Get to know each other game!

    True. (three of the ~30 animals are horses 😄) TPBM likes watching bunnies eat
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    Is taking a bun on holiday a good idea??

    Yes, I thought the same thing. I doubt we will be able to get a rabbit experienced sitter so that probably isn't an option. The place we are staying is low traffic and we could do medication needs, but we don't have a place for her to stay if it isn't the carrier we take her to the vets in...
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    Is taking a bun on holiday a good idea??

    @Dandy&Tuli4693 Nope! I don't have a lionhead although I wish I did. Cool to know there's another similar bun out there though! 😄
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    Is taking a bun on holiday a good idea??

    We have our special needs minilop Flopsy, she needs meds twice daily, wash once daily (and blow dry and applied topical ointment to some areas), and a cooked meal at night. We are going on holiday for a week in a week, and have worked out that we are going to hire a pet sitter but I'm wondering...
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    Nutrition for rabbits on a pellet-free diet

    I've decided to make the switch to pellet free (eventually once I know what replacements to feed) and wondered how to replace the vitamins and minerals that pellets contain. I have been considering sprouted grains and a variety of vegetables, fruits, weeds, fresh grasses and their hay. They get...
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    Keeping the cats away

    Thankyou! Yes the float door does have a missing piece at the top but we have already decided to netting that like you suggested :)
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    Reopened spay stitch?

    Sorry can't offer any advice, but I just thought I would share a related funny story We had Mopsy spayed she didn't get dissolvable sutures, so we had to take her back to get them out. The vet had gotten the equipment out of the package and we were finally getting her to behave while holding her...
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    Keeping the cats away

    We have a horse float (bunny safe) outside that we plan to keep our rabbits in at night so no burrowing predators can get to them (it's got a floor and also warm and safe from the elements) , but I'd still like them to have a big paddock-like run for them to live in during the day. We'd simply...
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    Ate some plastic!!

    @JBun might be able to help
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    Problems with bun introductions

    I believe they were done 8 weeks after, but I could be wrong. Thankyou for the advice!
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    Problems with bun introductions

    So I have four buns, FG spayed fem Lucy, young rex cross FG male neutered 2+months ago Waffles, Minilop spayed fem Mopsy, and rex cross FG neutered 2+ months ago adult Milo So originally I was able to have Lucy, Waffles and Mopsy together and they were okay together. Milo needed a friend so I...
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    Any idea what this is and what I can treat it with.

    As the others have said , I think that rabbit needs a vet. How is the little fella?
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    When to know its time // Cancer journey (RIP)

    Sorry for your loss. You did what was best for him.
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    Get to know each other game!

    Chasing a dog. Jupiter loves to steal things so I often have to corner him to take it away, not exactly easy but I am now a pro , a lot of practice :p TPBM knows what a breed of bird a Fischer is
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    Get to know each other game!

    True, if you count a nightmare as a reality. I have two very fluffy rex buns that are currently shedding. Just from stroking them I get a new fur coat. TPBM is here on a laptop