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  1. Starlight Rabbitry

    Registration question

    What is this rabbits ear # and ARBA Reg #?
  2. Starlight Rabbitry

    What color...warning, large picture

    Definitely looks to be Lynx.
  3. Starlight Rabbitry

    What color...warning, large picture

    What do you see when you blow into the coat? I am thinking of an agouti of some sort...although, it is hard to see if there is ear lacing or eye circles. Do you have any other pics, preferably a side shot? Sharon
  4. Starlight Rabbitry

    What color is this mini rex?

    Looks like a harlequin. Sharon
  5. Starlight Rabbitry

    Color advice needed

    Shaded Night Rabbitry wrote: Siamese Sable and Seal are two different colors. The rabbit in the pic would be a Siamese Sable. Sharon
  6. Starlight Rabbitry

    Pedigree Software

    Evans Software Services is great. The program isuser friendly and the support staff is awesome. Sharon
  7. Starlight Rabbitry

    Pass/Fail List

    Yes, there was a misprint in the DR. The orange woolies would have been accepted had they passed this year. So they are on their 2nd try for the 3rd showing for next year. Sharon
  8. Starlight Rabbitry

    Pass/Fail List

    Orange Jersey Woolies are now 2nd try at 3rd showing :) Sharon
  9. Starlight Rabbitry

    Got new buns at show 10-2.. JW and LH's!

    Wooly #3 the buck is not a blue otter. He is an Opal. Sharon
  10. Starlight Rabbitry

    Would you still bring her to the show?

    I would go ahead and bring her. You already paid for her entry and she isn't at all contagious or sick so you are doing anything unethical. There is a possibility she could be disqualified but you would at least get comments on her :) The judge may also let her slide. Sharon
  11. Starlight Rabbitry

    Dutch Critique

    Heather - Yes, constant practicing is what it takes. Also a lot of patience. As they grow older, they will calm down and will learn to sit properly on their own. I love when judges don't pose them properly because my rabbits will fight them. They are like, "Stop touching me! This is how I am...
  12. Starlight Rabbitry

    Dutch Critique

    The stops are the white markings on the back feet. The undercut is the markings in the belly. It is an extention of the saddle. The saddle is the marking on the back. The blaze is the triangle shapedmarking on the head. The cheeks are the circle markings on the sides of the face...
  13. Starlight Rabbitry

    Dutch Critique

    Fronttoes should be even with the eyes and backtoes should be even with the knee. The gray has a long head and a long body. He also has long ears. I can't comment on his type because he isn't set up properly. The tort needs more fullness in the loins and looks undercut but that could be...
  14. Starlight Rabbitry

    Is this the same rabbit?

    Opal is the dilute of Chestnut Agouti. Sharon
  15. Starlight Rabbitry

    Is this the same rabbit?

    The rabbit in the ad is an opal so there is no way it can be your rabbit. Sharon
  16. Starlight Rabbitry

    Still no kits... getting worried.

    Are you sure she is pregnant? Have you palpated? Sharon
  17. Starlight Rabbitry

    standard or mini??

    Awesome advice :) Sharon
  18. Starlight Rabbitry

    HOT TOPIC FOR BREEDERS: Breeding for pet rabbits

    Do you breed specifically for pet quality rabbits? Why or why not? I do not specifically breed for pets but I do get pet quality in my litters, most breeders do. I breed to better the breed. I am not against breeding for strickly getting pet rabbits if done responsibly. This includes...
  19. Starlight Rabbitry

    standard or mini??

    leo9lionheads wrote: That is correct however, a lot of breeders will use the term Standard to describe a Rex. It just makes it easier than being asked if it is a mini or standard rex. Sharon