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    Post-move litter re-training

    Yea, I’ve ordered him a new hutch that will arrive next week, and I agree. Some time confined will likely help. He adjusted last time after about a month, but now that this isn’t happening this time, some reconditioning might be in order!
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    Post-move litter re-training

    Hello again.... he is doing both, and he waits until I get up from the couch, or when I'm working, and he goes where I sit. I can't tell if he's being territorial, or affectionate. From what I read, it can be either, or!
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    Post-move litter re-training

    Hello! Thank you for replying. Yes, he has two food dishes (one for pellets and one for veg) and a bowl of water very near his litter box. In addition, he has a hanging hay feeder that's resting on the wide of his litter box, too. He'll get in his box while eating hay, and oddly, whenever I...
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    Post-move litter re-training

    I’ve recently moved apartments, but unlike last time, my Oliver isn’t readjustimg to the new place and using his litter box. Last time, it took nearly a month, but now it’s been nearly two months and he shows no signs of re-adjusting. Before, he peed in the box nearly 100% of the time, and...
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    PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Bunny lost litter habits.

    Hello! I'm so glad you asked, and yes, i can go into more detail. He has an enclosure that is totally HIS space, which I don't violate unless it's to feed or deep clean. He has free reign of the apartment. While he enjoys total freedom, He doesn't go beyond the living room. The first time...
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    PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Bunny lost litter habits.

    Since acquiring my Oliver about a year ago, we’ve had to change apartments a couple times. The first time, he adjusted in about month and had good litter box habits. This second time, though, it’s been nearly two months and he shows no signs of wanting to use his litter box. In fact, the only...
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    Everyone, meet Oliver.... Didn't take him long to become my whole world!
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    New Member

    Hello, New member here out in Phoenix, AZ. Acquired a bunny, my first, abut a year ago, and am interested in learning more about my guys behaviors, etc. I'll be making inquiring posts in the near future! Hopefully some pics, too.