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  1. Dahlia-Romeo

    Need some advice on how to clean my rabbits bum...

    My sister's bun, Milo, used to have this issue every once in a while. We'd fill a sink with warm water and let him sit his bum in it and hold the top part of his body for support. Eventually he'd just sit upright like that to avoid getting his front paws wet and we'd just supervise him for a few...
  2. Dahlia-Romeo

    Update date on neutered + unspayed rabbit bonding!

    Like dungeonbunnies, the vets in my area aren't experienced enough with spaying rabbits for me to risk having it done. Otherwise I'd have it done already, without a second thought because it has more than one benefit. Dahlia and Romeo stopped mounting each other after they actually bonded, as...
  3. Dahlia-Romeo

    Update date on neutered + unspayed rabbit bonding!

    I made a post a few weeks ago about bonding my neutered male rabbit with my unaltered female rabbit. Everything was going very well, so I moved forward by building a grid-cube cage or "NIC" cube cage with a few levels. I thought that by introducing them to the new, big cage together while they...
  4. Dahlia-Romeo

    How long before Romeo and Dahlia can live together? :)

    All the nearby towns are very small, smaller than the one I'm currently in. But I'm not finished looking, I'm going to call up two vets that are about two hours away from me and then maybe I can make my way down there in the Spring (too much snow/ice right now). There's a good one around 6 hours...
  5. Dahlia-Romeo

    My two buns, Ro and Dahlia!

    Thank you :) Love lops <3 Frosted? That's an interesting name for a color.
  6. Dahlia-Romeo

    How long before Romeo and Dahlia can live together? :)

    Thanks, guys. I actually have never seen Dahlia have a false pregnancy or anything... Hmm. She's going to be two years old on Valentine's Day. She does show territorial behaviors when she sees Romeo outside of her cage (when he's out and she's still locked up). And then the nipping when I first...
  7. Dahlia-Romeo

    My two buns, Ro and Dahlia!

    Not sure if this is the proper place to put this, feel free to move it if needed. I have a neutered bunny mutt named Romeo. His color is, as I've been told, Japanese Harlequin. I don't know what he's mixed with at all -- I've never been very good with rabbit breeds. I'm more into dog breeds...
  8. Dahlia-Romeo

    Cat beds for rabbits?

    Winston is way too cute, wow! He looks adorable in his little bed. I've tried blankets and my rabbits like to chew them up and "make them their own." I think Romeo would pee on a cat bed, however maybe not because his litter habits have really improved. Dahlia might like one, I should try. :)
  9. Dahlia-Romeo

    Any rabbit savvy vets in northern BC?

    Does anyone have a good rabbit vet in this area? The places I'd be willing to travel would be around Prince George, Smithers, Vanderhoof, Hazelton, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, etc. Anywhere around these areas. Less than a 6 hour drive is what I'm looking for. Sometimes we make our way to Prince...
  10. Dahlia-Romeo

    How long before Romeo and Dahlia can live together? :)

    I actually have almost decided not to have her spayed. My vet was extremely hesitant to do the procedure when I asked about it. I don't think he's done very many and I'd rather not risk it. So far, I can't find a rabbit savvy vet in my area, otherwise I'd make the trip to have her spaying done...
  11. Dahlia-Romeo

    When can my rabbits live together?

    Sounds like your bonding is going good! Mine started out with my female nipping at my male. Ignoring each other is definitely better than aggressive behaviours. I'm also seeking an answer as to when I can house my bunnies together. From what I've read, I believe you should wait longer than...
  12. Dahlia-Romeo

    Nemo ~ 7 month old Dutch x Lop - Resolved

    She's so cute! I wish I was in the same province and didn't already have two bunnies. I love her ears!
  13. Dahlia-Romeo

    How long before Romeo and Dahlia can live together? :)

    -Romeo is neutered -Dahlia isn't spayed For the first while, bonding sessions were short. Dahlia liked to nip Romeo, regardless of what he was doing. He'd just go up and sniff her and she'd get moody over the whole deal. I'd quickly separate them so no one got hurt. They've been living in...
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