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    Bo B Bunny wrote: also, Pals don't have round eyes like most rabbits--kind of triangular instead. I always called them "smiling" eyes. Lucky those with gentle Pals--mine have always been on the rambunctious side.....;) I don't know about the females--but both Bub and his dad were...
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    To greet you all again--or for the first time!

    Hi all! It has been awhile, and life changes quite a bit. Izzy and Fenwick died this past year and a half (Fenwick recently), and Pandemonium is fragile. I really, really miss the big herd, but life on the road and big herds just don't mix. Right now I'm touring half-time with a group and...
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    Bo B Bunny wrote: No ma'am!! Wait, have you joined the Pal crew???:shock: You need rain pants. They are wonderful.;)
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    To greet you all again--or for the first time!

    Hi everyone, For those of you who were around in the original Rabbits Only, hi again! I'm just off the road for a few months and catching up with things here. I look forward to seeing what you are all up to! I've been home in between trips, but it's been so busy trying to fit everything else...
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    naturestee wrote: Awww, thanks!:D
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    Hi! It's hit and run here for me, I'm afraid, but I do have a few months off so maybe I'll be able to pop in more now and then! Bub is still his stinky little self, but my wardrobe has become all about waterproof.:PHe and Pandemonium are all my herd now. I'm on the road now, and teaching...
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    Hi all! Rabbitgirl just got an invite to pop back in! :) Sorry for being AWOL--it's been crazy, this past year and a half. Bub is now four years old and in bouncing good health. He also has at least three surviving siblings, so the Pals still live on here in the Northwest! Rose
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    choices, choices

    I've been just starting to consider filling Izzy's empty cage next spring. My travel schedule is such that I think it would work out fine, as I've been able to spend plenty oftime with the current herd despite travel on weekends, etc. (I still have to come home and teachearlyin the week)I'm not...
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    wet-chinned bucks

    Thanks all! Bubber has been very normal lately and no sign of problems in the jaw area. While checking I discovered a hidden case of fur mites in the folds of his neck skin, but he's all dusted and fur's growing back. I figured out what happened though, and it was kind of funny after all...
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    looking for.....

    Hey, A friend of mine is thinking about one oror a pair oflionheads for pets and was wondering if there are any good breeders in the west-central Wisconsin/Eastern MN area. Although, her husband's a truck driver, so farther might be possible..... Thanks!:) Rose
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    wet-chinned bucks

    Hey Pam et. al, :D Bub has lately been extremely wet in the chin area. His dad tended to be the same way, especially when excited and/or sexually active, but Bub seemed more so lately.It's been hot and he's been panting and drooling, but he was wet this morning after running around chinning...
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    Iszy had to be put to sleep. :(

    So so sorry, Lissa....:(:( Rose
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    HEY! It IS our Carolyn!!!! Yay! :colors::colors::colors::colors::bunnydance:Howdy doody! How are ya? Thanks for the welcome back, everyone! It seems when I'm home all I do is teach and sleep, so I haven't popped in much. Sorry! Jan, Bub does just nail me when I go out to feed. He's also...
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    It's 100 F in the shade here in the Midwest. My little ones are hot but ok so far. I just went out to change the ice and spray the ears. I really hope this heat wave breaks soon! Bub's drooling more than usualand has those big ears all spread out for ventilation, but seems cheerful and pops...
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    Peanut's sick - the ongoing saga

    Poor m.e.! And poor Peanut!!! Hope all goes well from here on in...:hug: Rose
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    How long can a Rex live?

    Definitely. I had one that lived past 13 as well. A four-year-old in good health probably has a good number of years left.:) Rose
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    he done it again!

    LuvaBun wrote: Errrrk, we hope not!!!!!!:shock: I'll see what I can do about pictures when life slows down from triple speed!:D Rose
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    he done it again!

    Bub the amazing climbing bunny strikes again. He was out in the run.....I was outside the run....I look over and NOBUB! Then I see his head sticking out of the open door of his own cage!He'd climbed 3 ft. straight up a chain link fence to let himselfin! And he looks at me like "Whaaat??" Never...
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    I can't decide

    magicapple wrote: Your rabbit is a "teenager" right now. Rabbits under their first yearget obnoxious about nipping and digging from about 4 mo. to 12 mo. old.This is the rough stage, when they get all weird. Most of that biteystuff will fade within a few months, most likely, if it's not an...
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    What does rabbit eat.

    Nothin'.:)It's normal. Gross but ok. ;) Rose