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  1. Maki_p29

    Rabbit not peeing

    Want to give a update and inform about the situation. My bunny has had a chronic bladder sludge issue that we have been managing through regular Acupuncture, herbal supplements and medications. She is on the antinflminitory you mentioned. I’ve had to take her back to the ER vet a few times this...
  2. Maki_p29

    Rabbit not peeing

    . I did end up taking her back to the ER vet hospital since they were open on the holiday. They is no blockage but it seems that her urethra is swollen/irritated for some unknown reason at this time. The vet expressed her bladder easily. Will see if I can get to her usual vet tomorrow.
  3. Maki_p29

    Bunny on antibiotic and antitoxin has mismatched poops.

    I could be all of the above reasons. Eating anything not normal in their diet can cause that change and also antibiotics can cause the change too. Monitor their poop until it starts looking normal again.
  4. Maki_p29

    Rabbit not peeing

    Help! My bunny is not peeing. Took her to the ER Vet Saturday afternoon after noticing they were uncomfortable and restless at night. The ER gave fluids and strong pain medicine but my bunny has not urinated yet. Saturday afternoon they were urinating but not as much. Their urethra looked very...
  5. Maki_p29

    Rabbit personalities survey

    I would like to see your results too. I look forward to when you will get enough responses to post it 🤩🙌😎.
  6. Maki_p29

    Rabbit personalities survey

    Done ✅☺️👍.
  7. Maki_p29

    Bunny fell! Please answer ASAP!!

    I think that they will be okay. Especially if they are still acting their usual self. how is your bunny acting today?
  8. Maki_p29

    Black lumpy wart?

    So I had it checked and the vet said it was a “whisker spot”. Never heard of these or knew that rabbits could have them. Tried to look up some info about it on google but only came across very limited info on dogs and lions having them.
  9. Maki_p29

    Can rabbits catch a cold???

    They could have a sinus infection. Or ear infection since some build up in their ear was noticed. I would try to make a Vet appointment as soon as possible.
  10. Maki_p29

    2 female baby Rabbits humping and fighting

    Some vets will spay them at 4 months old. Maybe look into a rabbit savvy vet if you don’t have one already and see what they feel most comfortable doing. I would not let them be together unless it’s supervised playtime to kinda keep them separate and prevent them from humping/injuring each...
  11. Maki_p29

    2 female baby Rabbits humping and fighting

    3 months old is a typical time when hormones start raging in some young/teen bunnies. They are most likely trying to see which one of them will be the more dominant one of the pair. I would separate them for now so no one gets possibly injured. are they neutered/spayed yet?
  12. Maki_p29

    Should I get real or artificial lawn?

    Digging outside is a normal behavior for bunnies. I think that if they love to destroy and chew on things that a safer option is real grass. Some rabbits love to chew materials even artificial ones. Forbid they chew on artificial grass and get sick/be poisoned or even die, that would be awful...
  13. Maki_p29

    Rabbit Grass

    The wheat grass I’ve grown for my bunnies in the past usually came in a kit with it’s own soil and container to grow in. Haven’t had any problems with that.
  14. Maki_p29

    Stomping after being put down

    It’s probably mating behavior your bunny is doing.
  15. Maki_p29

    Black lumpy wart?

    It looks more like a mole that is kind crusty on one end. Hairs are growing out of it as pictured above. The one end that is crusty/dry is a bit raised and the other end is smooth.
  16. Maki_p29

    Black lumpy wart?

    I plan on taking her to the vet on Thursday for a recheck for a sinus infection she has been dealing with. Will alert them about this as well…. 😟
  17. Maki_p29

    Black lumpy wart?

    Was able to get help with taking closer pictures and clipped some of the fur back around the area. Also I gently stretched the area to try and see it better. Will post those below.
  18. Maki_p29

    Black lumpy wart?

    I was just petting my bunny around her eyes and noticed this hard crusty thing in her fur and on further examination it appears to be a raised, bumpy, black wart like growth. I will post pictures below. has anyone had experience with such a thing? Any suggestions of what could be happening?
  19. Maki_p29

    Is my rabbit shedding?

    Can you take a picture of your bunny and what their fur looks like after the patches have come out?
  20. Maki_p29

    Arthritis in bunnies question.

    Maybe look into getting some acupuncture done. The vet I see does acupuncture in rabbits and other exotic animals. My bunny gets treatment once a month. It has been helpful with her arthritis and bladder sludge issues. I’ve read a few articles about acupuncture in rabbits with arthritis and how...