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    Where do you buy your food?

    I am having success with Heinhold Wool and I buy it from Mounds Pet Center. I raise fuzzy lops.
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    How many of you have cats, dogs and rabbits intermixed in a house?

    My Standard Poodle dog loves the rabbits and isvery gentle with them. My old Border Collie also loved therabbits and let them jump all over him. My cat ignores thebunnies but will sometimes chase them so I have to watch her. I sometimes take care of a norfolk terrier that will kill the rabbits...
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    What do you think about giving horse treats to rabbits?

    I occassionally feed my rabbits these littleapple and oat biscuits designed for horses. They are made byPurina under the name Nurtisource. My rabbits absolutely lovethem. I'm trying to find information on whether or not thisis a good idea in the long run. I've got two rabbits I'mtrying to put...
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    Before and After Pictures of Biscuit (edited)

    Thanks for all your kind words. Herhead tilt was caused by my ignorance in keeping her in too small ahutch when she was kindling and leaving a piece of carpeting that gotsoaked with urine in with her. I was probably also feedingher way to much dried fruit at the time (as treats). I blogged the...
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    Before and After Pictures of Biscuit (edited)

    Biscut died this morning. Jan 2, 2002 - December 4, 2006 After getting treated for headtilt 20 months ago, she lived a greatlife. Always my favorite rabbit and queen of therabbitry. We already miss her.
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    Rabbits Aren't Disposable Easter Presents!

    lov2hop wrote: Not at all.
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    Rabbits Aren't Disposable Easter Presents!

    lov2hop wrote: LOL. It's a book by Malcolm Gladwell. BLINK The power of thinking without thinking. It's a great book, I recommend it.
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    something starnge in my oxbow timothy

    as long as it's not a dead mouse, I think you'll be OK. I've been warned to check my timmy hay for that sort of thing, so I'm not trying to be funny.
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    New Breeder Mistakes

    lov2hop wrote: A veterinarian.
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    Rabbits Aren't Disposable Easter Presents!

    A waiting period could be very inconvenient forrural folks. I've driven over 100 miles to get a newrabbit. I've had people drive over 100 miles to buyrabbits. Imagine how I would feel if the breeder told me to come back in 4 weeks. Has anyone here read BLINK? Sometimes you have to trust...
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    im new. just got my bunnie

    alfalfa hay isn't good for rabbits. too much protein. try to find timothy hay or orchard grass.
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    Rabbits Aren't Disposable Easter Presents!

    Easter and rabbits is a difficultthing. I got my some of first rabbits cheap in late fallbecause rabbitries are "thinning the herd" during that time to getready for winter. Is that any better?
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    What Breed Is My Bunny?

    I think he's a fuzzy lop or a holland/fuzzy lop cross. Very cute bunny! Judging by the relaxed posture, it looks like he's a very happy bunny too!
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    Please help me identify the colors of these to fuzzy lops

    SunnieBunnie Rabbitry wrote: Nice Variety! ~Sunshine Edit: Something to also keep in mind, you "Black" Buck may possibly be a Self Chin - you now know that at least the buck or the doe carries the "cchl" gene ;). Thanks! But, um, OK, what's a Self chin? I just sexed all the...
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    Please help me identify the colors of these to fuzzy lops

    You're not butting in at all, Laura!Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures. The mother of this litters name is Toby, what a coincidence!
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    Please help me identify the colors of these to fuzzy lops

    Here's todays picture of Diablo, my senior sable point (virgin) buck. I had to take a picture of him today because he is looking smoking hot! Seriously, this is the best I've ever seen him. No grooming. I know, his ears are too long. Can you see the red tint in his eyes that Pam is talking about?
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    Fuzzy Lop baby bunny pictures

    this is a 4-5 week old sable point buck. do you think he'll grow into those ears? :shock:
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    Please help me identify the colors of these to fuzzy lops

    Thank you Pam! What about the other one?. Am I right that it's just a smutty orange?Personally, this is my favorite one of the litter, although all the others are not too far behind. I so appreciate all your thoughts. The color coatgenetics part of fuzzies is so facinating and fun. :) I...
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    Please help me identify the colors of these to fuzzy lops

    Thanks everyone. Are you sure the smoky colored guy is a sable point. I have a sable point and he doesn't look anything like it. My senior sable point buck has a creamy white coat with dark points. This is what is says in my Breed guide book I got when becoming a member of the AFLRC...
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    Please help me identify the colors of these to fuzzy lops

    If you want to see other pictures of these bunnies at earlier ages/stages there is a thread in the bunny blogs calls that has lots of pictures.