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    8 week old bunny with diarrhea

    I just got an 8 week old holland lop a few days ago and noticed some of her poop is diarrhea. She is eating and drinking just fine. I was told by the person I got her from that it is normal for babies to have this issue because their stomach is trying to get use to their diet and just feed her a...
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    8 week old bunnies

    Thank you! I will keep them separated and call around to see if I can find a vet that will do it sooner because we don’t want anymore bunnies . :)
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    8 week old bunnies

    Hello I have a few questions regarding my 8 week old bunnies. I picked up today a male and female holland lops both 8 weeks old. I have read that bunnies cannot get fixed until they are between 4-6months of age. Would it be ok to keep them together to make them a bonded pair or should I waiting...