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  1. EbunnysMum

    200 Rabbits Rescued in Colorado

    As a bunmum in Colorado, I wonder if there are any updates on the bunnies themselves. Whatever you think of the situation, I just want to know about the rabbits. Are any okay? Do we have a ton of buns in need of homes now? Any info would be appreciated :) Thanks
  2. EbunnysMum

    Bales of Timothy... Bad?

    I buy the $10 mini bale at my local feed store. I live in an agriculture area, and it is good quality, stored dry. My bun seems to enjoy it.
  3. EbunnysMum

    New mini-lop that was given to long until he adjusts to us?

    I would like to have a Flemmie thread too! As for the little lop, sounds like he is just generally disgruntled, and forgot all manners in the move! I am sure that you can win him over, and it is gonna take time and patience. Also, it can be hard to remember with our snuggle bun Flemmies that not...
  4. EbunnysMum

    Hoppy Birthday Spike!

    Hoppy Birthday to Spike! May your greens be ever fresh and plentiful! :bunnydance:
  5. EbunnysMum

    Freaking Out

    In my humble opinion (uneducated though it may be) I would just keep the appointment tomorrow. He does eat something, even if it's not the quality or quantity you want. I would not force water just yet, if he is accepting any kind of dampened food. It may just be more trauma than it is worth...
  6. EbunnysMum

    Two Month bunny and Fresh Veggies?

    Be careful with the carrot, as it contains lots of sugar. Got to limit the sugar intake (I tease my bun, it is cause she is so sweet already) because it can cause diabetic problems. If veggies are the icing on the cake, carrots are the decorative but edible curls of chocolate. Good luck with...
  7. EbunnysMum

    New and have alot of questions!

    I have no help for your rabbitry questions, but I love NCIS names ;)
  8. EbunnysMum

    My Rabbit Likes Jerky....

    I have to put the dog's dish into the kitchen, because Ebunny will attempt to eat with the dog. This causes some upset, for the dog - who does not want to share, and for me - because the food is meat based, with corn ingredients! I thought she was insane, but I guess she is just a bunny!
  9. EbunnysMum


    You can deter bun by using smelly perfume on the carpet areas not by her cage. The perfume is nasty to noses of bun, but not bad for human. Keeps my rental carpet intact. I use some leftover Armani Code. It seems to deter her from being interested in the spots, doesn't mark the carpet, and...
  10. EbunnysMum

    new bunny

    Velvety fur sounds like a Mini Rex, the coloring also sounds right, so does the size. I am no expert, I have just been hanging about a lot :) However, them are some awesome ears, so I would keep asking the more knowledgeable folk around here. I would definitely check the Rabbit Breeds section...
  11. EbunnysMum

    Pet contest.

    Too cute! I liked her for you :) She is adorable
  12. EbunnysMum

    What do you do for a living?

    I work in a salon, I do mostly hair. But I really enjoy when I can do hare, lol....:roflmao:
  13. EbunnysMum

    Urgent! Need help catching a wascally wabbit!!

    A friend had luck luring a bunny in with a stuffed animal rubbed on some girl bunnies. I do not know if the only worked for her "Harrison Ford, The Fugitive" bunny or would work for this little lionhead, too....
  14. EbunnysMum

    Meet Candyfloss

    It may also be Pravana, notorious for staying longer than Manic Panic, but ALSO VEGAN!!!! SAFE!!! But stoopid! Why do this to an animal? If it were lighter, I may say beet juice, but such an unnatural shade is most certainly a 'fashion' color.These are a 'stain' and contain no developer, as in...
  15. EbunnysMum

    Being held

  16. EbunnysMum

    Being held

    Ebunny has always kinda liked being held (she hates being picked up, but when she is up, she snuggles my shoulder). She does struggle when I pick her up, and I am only trying to get her used to it for the grooming and vet visits. I really don't want to try socializing her when she is sick or in...
  17. EbunnysMum

    How do you discipline a rabbit?

    I use the same method I used when my youngest was starting to toddle. "No!" only has so much effect, so I use distraction and "No!"....You tell them "No!" and give a beat for that to sink in, then come with willow ball or something okay to chew on....I think rabbits are smart like little humans...
  18. EbunnysMum

    Have I been underfeeding my bun?

    missyscove wrote: I estimate her weight at about 8-10lbs. (She weighs roughly what my cats do). I will have more exacts when she gets her vet visit in a couple weeks. I am definitely increasing her pellets a bit, but I am glad the alfalfa is helpful:D
  19. EbunnysMum

    Have I been underfeeding my bun?

    plasticbunny wrote: She is indeed the gorgeous bun in my avatar! So nice to hear from other Flemish owners/slaves, lol! I am so happy to hear that she could be Flemish, I would be happy with her no matter what! Thank you for replying :biggrin2:
  20. EbunnysMum

    Have I been underfeeding my bun?

    Thanks Susan! I estimate Ebunny to be just around five or six months. She is a rescue, hence the confusion, lol. I would say that you do things right, with such glorious buns at such mature ages. I did want to mention that Ebunny has no extra skin or 'dust ruffle' as of right now. She is...
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