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  1. Mom to Minx

    Mushy poops

    Well isn’t she clever!!! And what you are saying makes total sense!! I will certainly start that and here’s hoping and praying! I love this precious little bun!!! Thank you so much again!! 🤗🤗
  2. Mom to Minx

    Mushy poops

    Wow this has been very helpful! I didn’t know about the parsley and carrot tops being hi in calcium She does love romaine and will continue with that She does love the kale but instead of four small kale dishes I will give her one small dish per day along with the romaine! Minx probably eats one...
  3. Mom to Minx

    Mushy poops

    Thank you for your reply ! It is just the cecotropes! No nothing new in her diet. Minx isn’t a big hay eater. She does have an exotic vet, thank goodness and has treated her for a couple of GI stasis! Because she doesn’t eat much hay he suggested I give Minx Kale. This began about two months...
  4. Mom to Minx

    Mushy poops

    Minx is having mushy poops today snd bum very messy This is a new thing Sorry I’m not familiar with the proper threads I mostly just enjoy other people and their buns This is mom to Minx
  5. Mom to Minx

    New in Virginia

    Very handsome little guy 🤗🤗👍
  6. Mom to Minx


    Well he is handsome and resembles my girl Minx. She was golden color as a baby but her mama being totally dark grey and so now is showing darker grey in areas! Minx I think has longer ears than your Ashton! And Minx is my most precious girl so I understand!!
  7. Mom to Minx

    Meet Oliver the bunzz

    Such a cutie and love his colour welcome!!🐇🐇👋
  8. Mom to Minx


    Yes, it’s illegal in British Columbia as well but I’d always heard it referred to as having them declawed; not soft paws or whatever someone else called it….but thanks for jumping in!! 😊
  9. Mom to Minx


    So sorry to hear your loss of Basil…my heart hurts for you💔💔 its wonderful to know about the danger of cats though…, so thank you for all who jumped in with information to protect our buns at any cost!!
  10. Mom to Minx

    Finn--Rest in Peace my little man.

    So sorry for your loss…time really doesn’t help does it? But I’m sure you love your precious memories of your little guy! 😱😢😢🥴
  11. Mom to Minx

    Meet Kiti 👋🐰

    Well isn’t he a sweetheart….welcome 👍👍🐇💞
  12. Mom to Minx

    Post pictures of your rabbits flop!

    Minx got a. New bunny for christmas
  13. Mom to Minx

    Hello All

    Howdy 👋
  14. Mom to Minx

    New bunny member!

    Sorry he’s so cute 🥰 thought it had to be a girl!, 😱🤣
  15. Mom to Minx

    New bunny member!

    Welcome and she is a beautie! 🐇🥰💕❤️
  16. Mom to Minx

    Post pictures of your rabbits flop!

    Well I was just blessed with a flop so sending while it’s still fresh!!!🤪🤪
  17. Mom to Minx

    Post pictures of your rabbits flop!

    Well here’s Minx…she just loves her new little bed with her squishy which she loves to groom and cuddle 🥰
  18. Mom to Minx

    Accidental litter

    They are so cute…you did a great job mama! Quite a family you have there! thanks for keeping us in the loop👍👍🥰💕😆
  19. Mom to Minx

    The joys of being a bunny parent

    My goodness! How cozy is that!!!