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  1. Popsicles

    Should I consider a second surgery for my girls?

    Although not yet proven there is some suggestion that ovariectomy alone reduces the risk of uterine cancer as without the hormones the uterus all but shrivels up anyway, and it is largely the hormones that “encourage” abnormal uterine growth (i.e neoplasia) There is also a much bigger risk when...
  2. Popsicles

    Goodnight Poppy 😢❤️

    Poppy was my best friend and companion, she taught me everything I know about rabbits, which I hope to pass on to every owner I see in practice. She was a truly special pet and adored by many. No amount of time could have been enough, but I still want more. RIP my angel ❤️
  3. Popsicles

    Rabbit head twitch

    I would be worried about something neurological, either an infection he got as a baby such as e.cuniculi or that something didn’t develop right in his head. This really would need a detailed clinical exam to diagnose properly, but while he is happy and eating drinking pooping and playing it...
  4. Popsicles

    Introducing dog to rabbit

    So I have a 9yo female spayed rabbit who has full run of downstairs. My grandad recently passed and we may be the only people who can take on his dog. The dog is an angel and I know if anything will be scared of my rabbit, but I’m more concerned about my rabbit getting annoyed with him and how...
  5. Popsicles

    rabbit not eating(she is dying help me)(RIP)

    I’m so so sorry for your loss 😢 You worked so hard and did everything you could for her, my thoughts and prayers are with you ❤️
  6. Popsicles

    Lump on rabbits bottom

    How confident are you that she is female…? Looks suspiciously like testicles to me.
  7. Popsicles

    Bloat/Intestinal Blockage – please help/any advice appreciated!

    If the fluids are IV, how much are you giving each time? I’d be giving bolus fluids more often that every 12 hours. If he tolerates oral water then I would say keep that up (In moderation) as the gut will need to be well hydrated for anything to move along. Like JBun said if blockage isn’t...
  8. Popsicles

    rabbit not eating(she is dying help me)(RIP)

    amazing news so pleased for you, well done your hard work and effort paid off ❤️
  9. Popsicles

    Tear duct flushing and cleaning face

    Thanks for the idea!
  10. Popsicles

    Tear duct flushing and cleaning face

    Nope no infection, the crustiness Is just almost pure salt from the tears drying. The rare time I actually see it wet the tears are clear and runny, it’s just when it dries. When the ducts are flushed the fluid comes through clear. The clumped areas are less by her eyes and more further down...
  11. Popsicles

    rabbit not eating(she is dying help me)(RIP)

    Without appropriate medication the most you can do at home is continue with supportive feeding and plenty of water. I’m sorry it’s going to be hard to suggest any more without veterinary intervention 😞
  12. Popsicles

    Prolonged Nystagmus in geriatric rabbit

    Also you say you started on both metacam and baytril when symptoms started so it could very likely be the metacam that helped more than the baytril.
  13. Popsicles

    Prolonged Nystagmus in geriatric rabbit

    Testing for e.c. Is just a blood test so shouldn’t be harmful. Rabbits usually catch it as a baby and it is sub clinical for life or until it isn’t. An indoor rabbit is not immune from e cuniculi. Direction of nystagmus will only be able to help differentiate between central or peripheral...
  14. Popsicles

    Prolonged Nystagmus in geriatric rabbit

    How did they rule out e. cuniculi? Has any imaging or further investigation been done? I would be very suspicious of middle ear disease. Medication may be masking but not actually treating the underlying cause.
  15. Popsicles

    rabbit not eating(she is dying help me)(RIP)

    Unfortunately cannot tell much from that image quality and without hands on exam. In terms of getting her eating again you can try syringe feeding, mushing up the pellets she eats in warm water and forcing her that way. It’s possible she will need other medication or treatment if something is...
  16. Popsicles

    Tear duct flushing and cleaning face

    My 9 year old lionhead cross has chronic inflammation of the tear ducts, resolves really well with regular flushing but in between times she does get some leaking of tears. It wouldn’t be a problem except because she has super fluffy cheeks she gets very sticky with the salt drying from the...
  17. Popsicles

    Bunny on Antibiotics and Not Eating

    Yes I know, but you said she was having it once a day, rabbits should be on twice daily dosing. Glad to hear she is doing better! Hopefully on the way up from here.
  18. Popsicles

    Bunny on Antibiotics and Not Eating

    She also may not be managing the pain well - metacam should be twice daily in rabbits to have full effect.
  19. Popsicles

    bunny teeth

    If he isn’t able to eat he needs to go to the vet as an emergency. How long has this been going on? How did he lose his teeth?
  20. Popsicles

    E.cuniculi causing seizures

    This is an interesting observation! My suspicion is that it would be the anti-inflammatory properties of wormwood that had the effect rather than actually reducing the number of e cuniculi. The symptoms that we see with ec are as a result of inflammation from the parasite rather than directly...