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  1. JBun

    Bun-n-Cat -- is this love or...not?

    Yeah, would really need the video to see what body language your rabbit is showing, to know which it is.
  2. JBun

    Flopsy (Lionhead) Not Pooping

    I'm glad to see he's pooping. One less thing to worry about. The Revolution should take care of the mites pretty quickly. It's usually a very effective treatment. Yep, overgrown incisors definitely explains the reduced appetite. Once he's had his teeth trimmed, you could try timothy hay...
  3. JBun

    Help with new baby bunny

    But if there's no way to get or buy the pellets he was on previously so you can transition, starting with free fed good quality grass hay (timothy, orchard, etc) usually is best, then gradually introduce a high quality grass based pellet over that first week, as Preitler mentioned. And keep an...
  4. JBun

    Flopsy (Lionhead) Not Pooping

    Fleas shouldn't cause a rabbit to stop eating/pooping unless it's severe enough it's causing anemia. Which if this has occurred, and with your rabbit not pooping and likely also not eating well for an unknown time period, this would be considered an emergency. A rabbit not eating well for...
  5. JBun

    New member! Need help with bonding

    You mention they haven't been separated. Does that mean they're all 3 together currently? How long since they had their spay surgery?
  6. JBun

    Neutering three legged bunny

    It depends on if you have a particular reason for wanting him neutered. Most common reasons are excessive hormonal behavior causing issues (eg. humping, spraying, hormonal aggression, strong urine smell), bad litter box habits, having an unspayed girl bun you don't want accidentally getting...
  7. JBun

    Large hard stomach, NO other symptoms

    I'll just share the few more common possibilities I can think of, that might cause a distended abdomen in rabbits. Bloat from an intestinal or stomach blockage would be the first most common reason, but this is usually accompanied with severe pain and distress, along with eating and pooping...
  8. JBun

    Surprise baby kits

    It could be astrex, but some kits can have a different fur texture that changes to a normal fur type as it gets older or when the baby coat is shed. As this kit gets older and after it's first coat shedding, if it retains the curly coat then it's astrex.
  9. JBun

    Large hard stomach, NO other symptoms

    Were any foods changed, new bag of hay opened, or new foods introduced just prior to this happening? If the xrays didn't show a gas filled or distended stomach or intestines, but was just minor amounts of gas, then there must be a fluid build up around the intestines and/or organs. The blood...
  10. JBun

    Large hard stomach, NO other symptoms

    Have you had your rabbit a while, and has this ever happened before? When did this current episode start or has she always had a bloated belly? Any wasting along the spine or hindquarters (loss of muscle and fat, bones protruding more), or rough coat issues? What is your rabbits diet like...
  11. JBun

    Color of pee a problem?

    What antibiotic? I've never had an antibiotic change the color of urine to something abnormal. Just change beige/brown urine or urine with red spots of blood from a UTI, the antibiotic will eventually make the urine go back to normal. But I suppose it's possible the food dyes in an...
  12. JBun

    Mushy poops

    If it's just the cecotropes that are mushy and there are normal fecal balls, it's usually a dietary issue. Have you introduced any new foods, changed any, started a new bag of hay or pellets, or have any veggies you feed gone bad? Stress can also affect a rabbits digestive system. Anything...
  13. JBun

    My bunny is humping my arm......

    Could be 'spring fever '. Spring can cause a surge of increased hormonal behavior in rabbits. It usually only lasts a few weeks then settles back down. If it doesn't settle back to normal but continues to be a persistent problem, there could be an underlying medical issue causing the unusual...
  14. JBun

    Bunny fell off bed

    That is some thicker calcium sediment, but not the most severe. The color could be normal, or it might indicate dehydration or a UTI. The peeing on the bed could be hormones, secondary peeing because of an upset cramping stomach, or a UTI. If she's having reoccurring gassy/upset stomach...
  15. JBun

    Bunny fell off bed

    It's not something I'd be overly concerned about if my rabbit was still behaving normally, eating, and not showing signs of injury or being in pain. I would just keep an eye out for anything developing. But if you have any concerns, it's best to consult with your knowledgeable rabbit vet...
  16. JBun

    Tips for a bun that has lost hearing and losing vision

    Not making changes to the rabbits environment is the main thing with vision impaired rabbits. Their territory is essentially all memorized and mapped out in their head, and any changes or even items left out in an unusual spot, could cause confusion or nervousness for them. The exception to...
  17. JBun

    body language.

    Answered in your other thread.
  18. JBun


    It looks like there might be some sort of injury to the hind leg. It's impossible to know what kind of injury, except having a knowledgeable rabbit vet examine the leg and possibly take xrays, to determine if it's just a soft tissue injury or if there's a fracture.
  19. JBun

    My rabbit isn’t eating anything. Need help

    If your rabbit is taking the syringe feeds well enough, and is pooping ok, then you probably don't need the gut stimulant. And the infacol is only helpful if a rabbit has mild gas, which doesn't seem to be the problem here. Adequate pain relief is a big part of helping a rabbit get better and...
  20. JBun

    Wobbly bun

    Those 3 meds are commonly given together by knowledge rabbit vets when treating head tilt rabbits, from my own personal experience. Though always check with your vet if you aren't sure. The dosage depends on the amount of active ingredient per ml of the suspension liquid. Meloxicam is usually...