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    haven't been on here in a while!!

    I haven't been on here in a while! I was busy with my pup Sheldon! He had a bowel stricture and was a very sick pup!! It's been 10 weeks since surgery and he is up to 30 lbs. He is finally a happy active puppy!!! We started agility classes 2 weeks ago and he definitely a worker!! We also are...

    new collie puppy going for surgery today

    I rescued a collie puppy a few weeks ago, he was failure to thrive since birth, underweight, weak. found out yesterday via ultrasound that he has a stricture in his small intestines. congenital. pgh. vets wanted over $5000 to perform bowel resection surgery. called my vet to let him know results...

    new puppy- bunnies adore him!!!

    sorry I haven't been on in a while! just got a new rough collie puppy named Sheldon!! I wasn't expecting a new puppy but my neighbor who is a breeder had this little guy and he was failure to thrive. never nursed well, didnt play, bite, run, or anything. We got him 3 weeks ago and he had severe...

    Clyde turns 1 today!!!

    Our baby boy turns 1 today!! Happy Birthday Clydey!!!:littlecake You're so sweet and funny! You're our liitle ham!!! We love you so much!!!:balloons:

    Its a miracle!!!

    I've been offering greens, veggies, fruit, and herbs everyday for 5 months to Dustbunny and he turns his nose up. Finally last night he finally his whole salad bowl!!! So awesome!! never thought it would happen!!!!! yay!!!!

    suggestions on allergy medicines

    I've always been allergic to bunnies and some cats, so when I got the boys, I knew I would react to them. I've been taking claritin everyday since I got them and it doesnt work so well. Doesn't help that I always have them up near my face, kissing them to death!! Anybody take another over-...

    trying to bond- failed yet again

    so I finally got revolution on the boys and took them outside to frolic in the yard! They absolutely loved it, digging, binkying, playing with each other. then 10 minutes later, the fur started flying!!! We waited about 3 mos. to attempt the bonding again since they've been so lovey with each...

    Split nail bleeding!! Question?

    Just noticed Clyde's front nail is split and bleeding about 3 quarter size amount blood!!! should I leave it alone or put some stop bleed nail stuff on it!!! Will it stop on it's own?? He is licking it a lot? dunno how this happened?

    Chickie poo poo is ready for first agility trials

    I have a 6 y.o. Chihuahua named Chickie Poo Poo that I've had since she was 6 weeks old. She is the light of my life, my sidekick!!! She's been my hiking companion since day one!! She can hike about 15 miles with me now. She loves jumping over trees, swimming in the creeks, and being a muddy...

    Who says bunnies don't have good balance!!! (pic.)

    Clydey on top of his hidey hut and stuffed bunny!!!

    New pics of the boys exploring the new playroom

    Dustbunny and Clyde were a little apprehensive at first, but are so happy running, exploring, and binkying around!!!

    The boys new playroom is finished!!!

    I decided to redo the boys enclosure!! They took the garage over!!! I painted a bunny barn mural, bought new flooring, tunnels, toys, beds, hidey huts, take everything out in the yard and scrub it down. It only took a week!! thank god it's done!! they absolutely love it!!! the 1st three...

    Pics of 2 bunnies that need homes in pittsburgh area

    My friend needs to find home a.s.a.p. for these 2 sweet boys. they are 4 y.o. neutered males. they are indoor bunnies and they are bonded. They are very lovey and love to run around and play!! Please ask around and find these boys a forever home!!! thanks so much!!!

    the boys are finally warming up to visitors!!

    We have had a lot of friends stopping by lately and usually the boys will run and hide. the last few days they are finally coming out and socializing with our neighbors and friends!! I'm so happy to educate and enjoy our bunnies with our friends!! everyone thought bunnies were dirty, mean...

    Update on dustbunny

    Dustbunny was starting to have the beginnings of GI stasis about 2 weeks ago. He really doesn't like greens, but I offer them to him everyday!! I took his pellets away and gave him some alfalfa hay to get him eating more hay!! I also put a big bowl of water out for him!! His poops are finally...

    Need to find home for 2 bunnies

    A friend of mine has 2 bunnies that he needs to rehome due to allergies in the Pittsburgh area. They are 4 y.o. neutered males bonded. They are strictly indoors. super friendly. One is an angora and the other a English spot lop. He has a cage and they have a big play area. He's really heart...

    Advice needed about poopy

    Dustbunny is 9 mos. old neutered male lionhead. food - unlimited timothy and oat hay, oxbow essentials, small amounts of fresh greens, occasional treats, 1 small piece of papaya at bedtime. He has had small amounts of little dark poopy the last 2 days. about half the size of normal. The...

    Bonding question!!!

    we are stress bonding the boys for the last week with bumpy car rides since we tried other bonding techniques for the last few months ,with no progress and with spontaneous fights. car rides are going really well so far though. on my other thread I mentioned possibly adopting a 3y.o. spayed...

    lionhead girl

    Went into my area petco and walked in the adoption room to see the kittens. turned around and saw a female lionhead who looked exactly like our clyde!! she has to be from our breeder. exact markings!! now my heart is broke that I didn't bring her home!!! she's a 3 y.o. spayed female . she looked...

    got to cuddle with baby goats all day!!

    :inlove: I helped my neighbor pick up her 3 Nubian goat babies from the breeders today!! they are so sweet!!! very cool animals!!! I sat in their stall all day and cuddled with them!! was a great day!!!
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