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  1. Nancy McClelland

    Our Theodore (Ted) passed this morning

    Doesn't seem like it could be 14 years already since we had to say goodbye. You were such a unique rabbit and a world class sleeper. Wish we new how old you really were--we knew you were an elder bun when you came to us just like Charlene--I find it so hard to think you and her were just left...
  2. Nancy McClelland

    Nik Nik.

    Hey there my little girl--you were such an inquiring little fluff ball.
  3. Nancy McClelland

    Goodbye Mr. B

    Where does the time go? You've been gone for more than 15 years now, but, never forgotten.
  4. Nancy McClelland


  5. Nancy McClelland

    New Fishies

    They are so tiny that they don't show yet with my phone, plus, they hide as soon as you get up close enough to the tank--the biggest is about 1/4 of an inch.
  6. Nancy McClelland

    New Fishies

    Noticed a couple of days ago my Rasboras and Scarlet Danios had bred--several tiny little fish in the aquarium--just so cool.
  7. Nancy McClelland

    My rabbit died today suddenly.

    Very sorry you lost your sweet little one. We've had 3 hat were fine in the morning and gone in the afternoon--no sign of any cause--it just happens sometimes and leaves a hole in your heart.
  8. Nancy McClelland

    Question about what my vet told me

    We knew the Vet very well and they knew all our bunnies were rescues so I did get a break. Then I talked to the techs and they showed me how to do it--my son holds and I clip. There used to be a "how to" video or 2 here about clipping.
  9. Nancy McClelland

    My Journey with a rabbit – Mine and George’s account of the last decade

    So sorry you had to say goodbye to your sweet George. It's never easy and leaves a gigantic hole in your heart--the only consolation is remembering all the good things he brought into your life for a decade. Rest in peace little man, your are loved and missed.
  10. Nancy McClelland

    New memberr

  11. Nancy McClelland

    My rabbit died suddenly

    So sorry for your loss. We have had 3 that were fine in the morning and gone that afternoon--one had an enlarged heart but the other had no sign of any problem. No matter how hard we strive, sometimes they just pass with no warning--very hard to accept without second guessing. Again, so sorry...
  12. Nancy McClelland

    How to treat a rabbit bite?

    Bunnies do make several sounds. Nick growls when he gets put up in his hutch--guess he thinks he should be out all the time and tough potatos for the other 2. Our girl Lilly used to run around honking and even buzzed and she used to grunt when we put her veggies into her hutch while coming...
  13. Nancy McClelland

    Cheeku the rabbit

    You may have to get the teeth evened out once it grows out so they'll stay even.
  14. Nancy McClelland

    Is my new rabbit a boy or a girl?

    Oh, Duh! Like I said before, I had to show the people at the Tracy shelter the difference--our Avatar, Nikki, was listed as a "mixed male mini"--she was really mixed! This is what this forum is all about--getting answers to problems and help with things you don't know.
  15. Nancy McClelland

    New member

    We moved here from California with 17 rescues--the most we had was 22 at one time--like having a full time job, but, one that we love.
  16. Nancy McClelland


    Sounds exactly like our old boy Cosmo--he'd been adopted 3 times and was returned as he was a biter and they were gonna euthanize him, so we took him and he turned out to be a really sweet little guy...always have said "train your bunny or your bunny will train you!" Sure do miss him.
  17. Nancy McClelland

    bunny screamed:( (RIP)

    When Cosmo passed to the bridge, my grandson went with me to the Animal Foundation--we adopted a 7 month old neutered male and he's one sweet little guy. We have been doing rescue for 3 decades and have only had 2 very young bunnies--most that need a home are older.
  18. Nancy McClelland

    bunny screamed:( (RIP)

    So sorry for your loss.
  19. Nancy McClelland

    Is my new rabbit a boy or a girl?

    Vet told me a long time ago, if it looks like a straw it's a boy--if it is shaped like a triangle, it's a girl. I adopted a "mixed male mini" from the shelter in Tracy about 15 years ago and SHE was really mixed, but not a male--showed them how to determine sex--by the way, that is the Avatar...