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  1. HiddlesKenway

    Is Purina Dog & Flea Powder safe for bunnies?

    As I've said before these are sand fleas and are native in the soil around my property. I cannot do much, they're resistant buggers. I'm in a small town in Western Australia, it's not that easy to find but managed to locate some at a health food store. I'm treating all the animals with it as...
  2. HiddlesKenway

    Is Purina Dog & Flea Powder safe for bunnies?

    Thank you for this information, I tried looking on the back bottle itself but couldn't find the list of ingredients. I just went out and tried locating a store that sold diatomaceous earth but had no luck. Anyway, I'll speak with my rabbit savvy vet and one of my rabbit breeder buddies and ask...
  3. HiddlesKenway

    Is Purina Dog & Flea Powder safe for bunnies?

    My cats and rabbits are all indoor and I am aware not to bathe them as I have had rabbits for years and I show and breed. I've never had an issue with the shampoo on them (spot cleaning) I have heard of DE but haven't ever been able to find it. And the dogs get comfortitis flea control...
  4. HiddlesKenway

    Is Purina Dog & Flea Powder safe for bunnies?

    It is cat safe too, it's made for both this one in particular. I've used a few cat safe products on both bunnies and guinea pigs. But not so sure about this one. The original brand of flea powder I used to use on them I can no longer find and the shampoo is useless for bunnies.
  5. HiddlesKenway

    Is Purina Dog & Flea Powder safe for bunnies?

    So as the titles says I would like to know if anyone has had an experience in using this on bunnies? I have over fourteen so buying the stuff that you apply to the back of their neck (Advantage) is far too expensive with having to buy flea prevention for a big dog a little dog and four cats on...
  6. HiddlesKenway

    Strange Squeaking - Tad concerned

    I have a few vocal buns and her behavior seems normal but I would get her to a vet for a check up to see if there is any kind of blockage causing her pain when she's in that position to get a cecotrope.
  7. HiddlesKenway

    Bunny scares off burglars!!

    My buns pick things up before my dogs or cats do! Be sure that if someone is getting to close to home all thirteen of them will start thumping and the dogs will bark and cats will growl! We definitely always know when something sus is going on as we have the perfect alarm system. ;)
  8. HiddlesKenway

    2 sudden bunny deaths

    What country are you located? Sounds like myxi or calici.
  9. HiddlesKenway

    Flea treatment on rabbits?

    Thing is I have twelve other rabbits (flea free) four cats, two dogs, guinea pigs and horses too. It's not easy to treat every single animal and near impossible to treat the environment, the area I live has a serious insect problem we have heaps of flies and fleas. But weirdly enough everyone is...
  10. HiddlesKenway

    Flea treatment on rabbits?

    I have a rabbit that gets dermatitis from fleas and I can't see to get rid of them. I've knocked down the amount but can't seem to get completely rid of them. Any suggestions?
  11. HiddlesKenway

    Falling off horses and saying goodbye to pets!

    I wish I had a picture of her to show you all but I was waiting for her fur to grow back and it never really did. She was always ripping it out due to her allergies that were difficult to keep control of but I will show you my big boy I rescued
  12. HiddlesKenway

    Falling off horses and saying goodbye to pets!

    Thank you all for the kind words! I'm surrounded by Thoroughbreds Nd grew up riding them without issues, it was my fault I came off, I lost the reins at a canter and couldn't pull him up. I went over his head and straight into his path, he tried stopping but he's so big and the area was far too...
  13. HiddlesKenway

    Skinny Bunny?

    I'm having a similar issue with two of my Dwarf Lops they seem To drop weight over night but gain fast. No watery feeds and toast and bread, avoid fruits all together and stick to low water content feeds.
  14. HiddlesKenway

    Falling off horses and saying goodbye to pets!

    Yesterday was a horrific day for me, I came off a friends 17hh ex-racehorse and wound up in the path of his hooves getting kicked in the head my arm and left shoulder stepped on and a cracked rib and dislocated coccyx. Even though I was in extreme shock I still noticed my own horse freaking out...
  15. HiddlesKenway

    Welcome to the Rabbitry!

    Peggy having getting her belly and legs groomed.
  16. HiddlesKenway

    How did my bunny die? :(

    Where abouts are you located? It sounds like calci to me but it's not in the US. It can kill a rabbit within 48 hours of contracting the virus. It is incurable and the rabbit will seem fine and just about normal the suddenly they become lethargic and unable to move. I've lost many rabbits to...
  17. HiddlesKenway

    Calling Whovians!

    You called and I have come! ;) I have a place in my heart for each Doctor and despite the fact I am only seventeen I still have seen right back to the first but my favourite will always be Tennant--I know cliche! Really not at all, he was my first Focto. Well technically I saw an Eccleston...
  18. HiddlesKenway

    7 year old kid licks everything? Moms help

    I agree. Doesn't have to necessarily be gum but a distraction nevertheless as long as it distracts her and preoccupies her it should help. If it's not medical or harmless mental then abuse of some sort is a possibility.
  19. HiddlesKenway

    Welcome to the Rabbitry!

    Thank you! I love them heaps! They're very sweet attention seekers!
  20. HiddlesKenway

    Welcome to the Rabbitry!

    Here we go, hopefully it worked this time!