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    Sassy Flemish poop issue

    I've tried different things too. Lights dim/bright/off. One litter box vs 2 2 litter boxes with 2 different types of litter. One train of thought leads me to puberty, but that's a whole nother issue that I'm tossing around.
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    2023 Indoor Cages/Spaces... add your photo!

    Made an enclosure built with wood, hot glue and tears on the cheap for my free roamers. The front comes off via a threaded rod through eyelet connection and the rubber covered base is strong enough to stand on.
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    Sassy Flemish poop issue

    It's not a trivial amount either. I swear she (ginger) saves up all day just to do it at night. The boy (shadow)has perfect habits. (He has from day 1 )
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    Sassy Flemish poop issue

    My 4 month old Flemish has developed a bad habit of pooping (only at night) all throughout the enclosure. The trick is that she only does it when I close up the enclosure at night. If I leave them out then it's maybe one or 2 misses. She's obviously trying to tell me something.. I'm just tired...