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  1. skipidragon

    My rabbit keeps peeing on my bed and i dont know how to prevent it

    Ok this might seem mean but it works. Get a squirtgun. Watch like a hawk. When that tail goes up, squirter and don't stop until bun is off your bed.
  2. skipidragon

    Is this a ‘binky’ or is something wrong ?

    Looks like a Binkley to me. Might want to add a layer of hay to that letterbox. Buns graze as they poop and pee. I think that's why her head is shaking.
  3. skipidragon

    Shadow help

    I'll check back in a year or if I see a nose.
  4. skipidragon

    Shadow help

    It just looks like a very long 5 more years.
  5. skipidragon

    Shadow help

    I get that. And ill keep going to the farmers market each week for her beloved carrot tops dumping the carrots on my neighbors. And ill keep getting her the best hay I can not afford.. waking up at 7am to let her out into her garden where she can munch what she wants. I'm proud of my beautiful...
  6. skipidragon

    Shadow help

    Thank you do much. We're pretty much together 24 7. I'm in my chair or at my desk and she's on the deck/garden, under the chair/dresser/bed. I get the day time and her the night and together as she chooses. She'll never out her head down for pets, rum to me for treats. Or tear up anything. Thank...
  7. skipidragon

    Food4Buns Inc. - Introduction

    What's your location?
  8. skipidragon

    Shadow help

    Here's a picture
  9. skipidragon

    Shadow help

    Have carpets and area rugs on top of carpets thanks for the thought.
  10. skipidragon

    Shadow help

    I'm not imagining her nightmares. I know normal dreaming. I don't know what to do. Sounds like you have other rabbits. I don't and don't have the room. The only thing I'm putting on her is dumping a male bun on a middle aged rabbit. I would be pissed if somebody did that to me. So I'm thankful...
  11. skipidragon

    Shadow help

    Ok I rescued Shadow aka Fuzzy about a year and a half ago. She was badly abused. Still has patches that are fullest. She's free roaming, but in her mind she's still in her cage. We guess she's about 5 or 6. She stays on her 3 foot rug, under the dresser and a tunnel under my bed and her outside...
  12. skipidragon

    Possibly Rescuing Senior Bunny - Advice Wanted

    Just make sure you rabbit proof your electric cords. Cut open a garden hose and duct tape them in.
  13. skipidragon

    Rabbit is not using litter box

    If it keeps up, you might want to take him to a vet. He might have a bacterial or urinary infection.
  14. skipidragon

    Should I split them up

    Mounting is dominant behavior. It doesn't mean it's sexual. You might reconsider getting them fixed. Go do a vet check to be sure. Yes they do circles, but until the fight you'll never be able to tell. Do they still groom each other. Could one of your females be a male? Vet check.
  15. skipidragon

    Rabbit-safe flooring?

    My Fuzz Buzz regularly eats her Amazon seagrass runner. It takes her 3 months to demolish one. I like the runner because it has a cotton backing which covers the carpet which is also fair game. The price just doubled so buns everywhere are feasting on this rug. As far as I can tell nothing has...
  16. skipidragon

    New hop

    Today for the first time, she hopped out of her letterbox with a mouthful of hay, started grazing on carpet. Hopped around, still with hay in mouth. Tried to hop outside and caught hay on doorway. Did a Binkley and hopped back into letterbox. Dumped hay and hopped back outside. Ack Fuzz Butt is...
  17. skipidragon

    Snuffles - Need some opinion please ?

    Antibiotics changes the taste of food. For me things taste bitter. You might want to give him things that are higher calorie. Carrot, dried pineapple, apple, berries. And check his pain meds. He should be getting them with the Antibiotics.
  18. skipidragon

    Happy bunny? I think so!

    Do you REALLY want that chair? Buns can help you redecorate. Snicker snack.
  19. skipidragon

    Bunny proofing.. help needed.

    You might want to sprinkle a rabbit herb blend on top of pellets to 'spice' them up. A couple of the rabbit online stores have blends. Please block off your bed before you have a rabbit tunnel thru it. Give him a cardboard box to help him redecorate. Might help.