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  1. bunnydude

    A Friend for Devon

    Zoey is continuing to settle in well. In some ways, she seems more comfortable with her surroundings than Devon is. She has so much personality, I absolutely love her! :biggrin2: We temporarily halted the bonding sessions because Devon seemed "off" and was not eating much yesterday, and we...
  2. bunnydude

    Dill: the most awesome bunny on the planet

    Rest in peace, Dill. You will certainly be missed. :rainbow::pink iris: This is quite possibly my favorite picture on the entire forum. I think it sums up everything that you just wrote:
  3. bunnydude

    A Friend for Devon

    Thanks for sharing the newsletter. I completely forgot to ask about it when we picked her up. Her personality in that photo is exactly how she is in real life! I absolutely love her curious and friendly demeanor:). Right now Zoey and Devon are in the family room in separate x-pens that are a...
  4. bunnydude

    A Friend for Devon

    I promise I'll upload the pics in the morning. I'm exhausted and can't find the stinkin' USB cable:?. By the way, Nutmeghan's new name is now officially "Zoey". We tried out Nadia but it didn't seem to "fit". My sister found "Zoey" on a name website - it means "life" and it seems to suit her. I...
  5. bunnydude

    Pebbles Head Tilt

    The baster or the bottle is probably a good idea. Feeding it by syringe can be a pain because I've found that formula recommended by Oxbow is too thick to fit through even the biggest syringe. You might also try mixing it as suggested on the packaging and then putting a glob of it on the end of...
  6. bunnydude

    A Friend for Devon

    We brought Nutmeghen home about an hour and a half ago. We're considering a name change to Nadia, but we're not entirely sure yet. She's wonderful! She seemed instantly comfortable with us. At the rescue everything went like a dream. At first there was indifference, but they stayed close to...
  7. bunnydude

    A Friend for Devon

    Since Amber passed over three weeks ago, Devon has seemed quite lonely. Even though he is acting mostly like himself, he sits all day looking bored and alone. We’ve been giving him tons of extra attention, but I don’t it is an adequate substitute for another bunny – a true 24 hour...
  8. bunnydude

    Wedding dance video

    Has anyone seen this?
  9. bunnydude

    Amber May

    Thank you for all the beautiful comments. Devon is doing remarkably well. He's kept his appetite although he seems lonely and a little lost. Everytime he comes out of the cage he hops around as if he's searching for her. He has the towel that she loved to lay on, so he has something snuggly...
  10. bunnydude

    Amber May

    I am writing something that I never hoped to write, something that I have avoided writing about for almost a week and a half. On Saturday, June 7, our beautiful Amber May passed away. The day before she was less willing to eat, but would take some water from a syringe. This was a pattern she...
  11. bunnydude

    Nigel made a 'nest'...

    Great pictures! I've tried to give mine blankets, but they just ignore them...
  12. bunnydude

    It's here......It's here......It's here...... (So EXCITED)

    Wow! That looks amazing. I like the addition of the tags hanging off the bottom.
  13. bunnydude

    So....what was your very first post on this forum?

    Great thread! Here's my first post from almost 3 years ago (April 30, 2005). Short and to the point... ;)
  14. bunnydude

    bunny's tummy growling when drinking water

    Amber and Devon make those same noises, and Amber's are pretty loud:D. I'm guessing it must relate to swallowing/gulping the water. Somebody more knowledgeable might be able to give you a better reason. I remeber when I used to believe that rabbits were "silent" creatures:biggrin2:.
  15. bunnydude

    Review Your Vet on ZOOTOO

    In order to rack up points for Midwest Rabbit Rescue, please post a review of your rabbit savvy veterinarian(s) on Zootoo. Here's how to do it:Follow this link to sign up (if you haven't already): the following zipcode: 48170 and...
  16. bunnydude

    Officials are calling this a tragically, unavoidable accident.

    I'm so sorry that this happened. I'm not really sure what to say, this is a tragedy beyond words. I'll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts.
  17. bunnydude

    Noob here

    Welcome, Beth! Harry's very handsome. If you want, you could start a "Bunny Blog" with pictures of your new pal. Matt:cool: