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    Cleaning Ears and Eyes

    Does anyone have anysuggestions on how to clean bunny's ears and/or eyes? I use tocleanboth ofthem with a cotton swab, but I've beenwondering if there's so anyething else that'll clean better.:)
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    Nepo's Picture Page! =)

    This is a picture I drew of him long ago Drinking water That's his face when I start petting and stop :P Just sitting there This is the setup I made in his cage because of his sore hock And this is his sore hock :( The pictures actually go backwards but it doesn't really...
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    Smiley News! :p

    I got smiley centralyay!
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    Loosing Chunks of Fur

    Nepo's loosing chunks offur. I don't know if his ripping them out I only noticed themyesterday. I'm not really worried because he is acting fine :). I knowhe isn't pregnant because he hasn't been with another bunny and I'mprettysure he's a buck. I know it isn't a false pregnancyeither because he...
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    Nepo circled metoday!:DWhen I was going to put him back in hiscage, he came towards me and between my legs and then around me and hewouldn't stop even when I moved! I don't want to fix him now becausehe'll stop doing it :(. He almost circled my mom too.
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    bunnyfan and me

    On Friday ( I think), mostof my posts started coming up as bunnyfan's. That's really weirdbecause Ihaven't changed my username recently. I think thatwas my'old' username.WhenI firstregistered here, I think I chose the username bunnyfan, butsinceit didn't work I picked a new one (*nepo*). I...
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    O/T Wild Duck

    There is a duck that comesto my house for food :Pand he comes at 9:00AM and5:00 PM. Helooks kind of abused,I think he has abroken wing :(. He livesat a nearby canal. I'll try to takepictures to post them. Well does anyone know what I could buy for himto eat? I have given him bread, corn, rice...
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    Hard Stomach

    Nepo has a hard tummysometimes is this bad? He is pooping, peeing, eating, and drinkingenough. And his poops are normal size. He isn't shedding rightnow. When he is laying down all streched out he has areally big tummy, but when he is sitting I can feel a part of his ribs.Practically he gets...
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    When I came home from schoolI saw blood on Nepo's wood box. I know he didn't hurt himself on thewood box or anything I saw it a long time ago. I was going to put flouron his foot to stop the blood, but my brother said it already stopped.He has four little spots of blood on the box (they are like...
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    Oxbow Hay Pellets

    I found Oxbow Hay pellets ata petstore. Should I use alfalfa pellets or timothy pellets? Or shouldI just stick to my normal Kaytee pellets along with timothyhay? Thanks!:)
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    Pictures of Nepo =)

    I went to get batteries forthe camera and left Nepo's door open and this is what I found: ( Helikes to go to the bathroom there :P)
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    Hi I just wanted to welcome the new people thathave come on the forum over the past few days because I haven't been onthe forum so I couldn't welcome each of you individually. Here is a picof my bunny Nepo (click on the attachment) :)
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    Ivermectin (horse worming paste)

    I finally found Ivermectin.It seems that Nepo has ear mites (again). I didn't treat it the firsttime because he stopped scratching after a few days, I know that wasn'ta good thing to do. But know I have it in my hands. I want to know if Ihave to contact a vet before I give Ivermectin to Nepo...
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    O/T - How Many Animals Die So We Can Wash Our Hair?

    The Facts: Many industries use animals to test the safety and effectiveness ofconsumer products such as shampoos and cosmetics, in spite of the factthat there are alternatives to animal testing in this consumer genre. Some of thecommon animals used in testing are Cats, Chimpanzees, Dogs...
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    I saw nutrical (sp? looksweird)at a petstore, but it was nutrical for ferrets, is thisgood for bunnies? I just want to know for when I need it.
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    Nepo is so special he is known all over the world!

    Look what I found. Everyoneknows my bunny!:shock:I found it at google I typed nepo:P.Atthe side it says Nepo M that'sNepo's second initial! I'm notkidding.BTW I'm doing a little better with my coldit might be onlyat night, who knows how i'll be in themorning:?.
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    Rice krispies, Raisin bread, Potatoes or potato chips,Grapes, and Kiwi

    I have given Nepo ricekrispies and she loves them are they good for bunnies? I know raisinsare good for bunnies so grapes are also good right? Is bread good forthem? Kiwi is really good, but I haven't given it to Nepo, I think ithas vitamin C. The rice krispies only have 3 grams of sugar and 0...
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    OT I'm sick =(

    I have a cold:(. I waswondering if Nepo could catch it from me? I give him a lot of kisses.And he likes to lick my face:P. Should I stop this until I get better.And can bunnies sense you're sick? My dad was sick once and Nepo lickedhim alot, but maybe it was a coincidence, he still does it and...
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    OMG! What a big surprise!

    Today I went to cut Nepo'snails and I found out he weighs almost 5 lbs. He is 9 or 10months. Well that's not the surprise. Ready? a girl!:shock:. I'm really surprised, I can'tstart thinking of him as a girl!I've hadhim(her!:X)for 9 months.What will his(her!:X) newname be? My...
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    How can I build and outside cage for Nepo

    Nepo is going to liveoutside from now on, so for those of you that have built cages for yourbunnies or who know a good website, can you please give goodinformation? I want it to be big enough and good enough for badweather. Since there is a lot of space outside my dad said we couldbuild another...