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    Mini Rex Help?

    Since I couldn't keep Liam anymore, I am bunny-less ( you can read about it here: ) Anyways, I don't plan to get any bunnies anytime soon BUT I think I eventually want to breed them :) I LOVE mini rex and would like to breed them...
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    Falling Apart & Coming Together

    :grumpy: Everything right now seam's to suck...well, most everything anyways. We are moving across the country and we have been planning to drive therefor Liam (my only bunny left) could come with, I was just going to put him in a small cage in the car. Well, that's not the case anymore. We are...
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    How to Breed?

    Ok, this is JUST out of curiosity encase I ever decide I want to actually breed bunnies. Which if I ever did, it wouldn't be for a very long time but I just want to do a little research on it first. But anyways, I wanted to know, How do you actually breed rabbits? -Do rabbits come into heat...
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    Males in the Same Cage

    Im just wondering, If I have my big cage and its divided into 2 separate parts, each part with a male un-neatured rabbit in it. Will they behave badly by spraying or being mean? They will not be able to see eahchother because there will be a wooden board separating them, but could they smell...
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    BEW & RED????

    I was curious what colors you would get if you bred a Blue Eyed White with just BEW in its pedigree to a Red with just Red in its pedigree? :)
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    BEW Netherland Dwarf -pics

    Ok, This is my new bunny that I am wanting to get to show. He will also be a spoiled pet :) I wanted to know from those of you who know more about showing or the breed, what you think about Gossip. He's a BEW 8 month old Netherland Dwarf. He also has a great pedigree with strong lines. He comes...
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    Whiskerz is Back! :)

    Hey everyone. So, I know I haven't been on in a very long time and I wanted to explain. I had a few good things happen and a few bad. Lets start of by updating on the bunnies... The "new" mini rex I rescued ended up getting in a fight with poor Felix and sadly, Felix got way to hurt and...
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    OK, So I have NO idea what is going on!? :? Liam and Felix are BEST of buddies, as most of you guys know. Well, I got a new bunnies the other day, a mini rex buck about 6 months old. I tried bonding them and Felix and Lewis(mini rex) did well together, they really actually like each other and...
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    New Bunny! :)

    I got a new bunny. I posted pics and about him on my blog: Mods, If you wouldn't mind, I would like the name of my blog changed to " Whiskerz Boys " PLEASE :biggrin:
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    Mini Rex Color?

    Does anyone know what color this mini rex is?
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    Weird Color? Any Idea?

    The breeder I got Felix from had some new baby lionheads and has NO idea what color this baby is... Does anyone know?
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    sun bleached fur?

    What exactly is sun bleached fur? Does it go away? if so, how?
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    Red Watery Eye???

    I just noticed Liam has a eye that is really watery. He had wet all around it like it was watering and the rim of it is pretty red.. Here are some pics, one of each eye. The second pic is the one watering.. He doesn't have a runny nose and there is no discharge...Could there be something...
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    Multiples & Bonding

    So, I was just thinking and Im pretty curious about bonding. Which of the following would be best/easiest to bond together as a trio... (( N = Neutered - S = Spayed - NN = Not Neutered - NS = Not Spayed)) NN Jr. buck + NN Jr. buck + NN Jr. buck NN Jr. buck + NN Jr. buck + NN Sr. buck NN Jr...
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    Ok, So I'm on my last nerve with this flooring crap. Sorry If I come off a bit harsh but I am very aggravated tonight and need to "vent" some. I read that bunnies can get splayed legs from a smooth floor which I happen to have smooth tile flooring in my entire cage. My husband and I went out...
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    Splayed Legs?

    Does anyone know anything about splayed legs? Someone commented on my cage having tile flooring and said it can cause splayed legs.. What iI have read, splayed legs is genetic. But can it be caused by my cage flooring? :?
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    Got a New Bunny from...

    I got a new bunny! :) And he is form someone on the forum!!! Check out my new blog, I have a pic of him on there and it also says who he's from: :biggrin2:
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    C&C Mansion! :)

    I decided to add on to my cage... :) Now its a Mansion! Plus..Since Im going to have 2 bunnies, they will need the extra room! (4ft long x 2ft wide) Whole Cage The different levels.. So, what do you think? :biggrin:
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    Awesome Idea!!! (floor traction)

    I was at Lowes today getting stuff to build onto my cage and came agross differet kinds of stone flooring when I was looking for my stick on tiles. It came to me that the squares of stone would make amazing traction pads for Felix's cage because he somtimes slips on the tiles. The stone squares...
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    What Color is He?

    Lets try this again... I posted some pics before I got Felix, and asked what his color is. There were mixed answer's and I really want to know what color he is. Everyone I seamt o ask gives me a different answer. So, does anyone know Felix's color? I took some pictures. His fur spread so...