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    Flooring for older bun with spinal disc issues

    My bun Willow has spent the entirety of her life living in an X-men enclosure on UHaul brown paper and cardboard boxes . The joy of her life is to sit on cardboard and rip it apart . She is now 13yr old and recently was diagnosed with spinal disc issues which temporarily left her unable to use...
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    Where can I order really good timothy hay?

    Hi I have not been on here for a long time so "Hello" to all those who remember me.:) I currently have a question re. where to get really nice timothy hay in bulk . Let me tell you a little about my hay experiences in the past. I have always had multiple bunnies and currently have 4 in...
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    Beginning sore hocks

    Hi, I have 2 mini-rex 9 month old bonded brothers . Although I have had many rabbits over the years I have never owned this breed. I noticed yesterday that one of the boys is losing fur and just beginning to get a tiny callus on his heel and I am quite concerned where this could go. I know that...
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    Rabbit Chronic Chewing Herself

    Hi This post is for a friend of mine who has had a rabbit that she adopted several years ago. Rue had a sore on her side which was discovered after she was adopted ; she was chewing an area on her side . After some skin scrapings it was determined to be ringworm and Rue was treated with an oral...
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    Candida in ears

    My 6 yr old chinchilla rabbit, Brett , was shaking his head back and forth this AM so I immediately got him into his vet suspecting an ear infection The tech swabbed some gook from his right ear and it turns out he has a fungal infection in his ear called candida. The vet says this is sometimes...
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    Hi Who remembers me from years ago. ?? I used to be an Infirmary Mod maybe 2008 to 2010 although I joined the forum in 2005 Since I have been off the forum so much has happened in my life. My husband had bladder cancer in 2010 and has been in remission for many years now. Both my parents...
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    Dosage of fenbendazole for EC

    Hi, Just want to make sure that I am correct with this info as I am assisting a friend whose rabbit most likely has EC. We have Safeguard liquid for goats (fenbendazole 10% 100mg /ml) and I want to be sure about the standard dosage . Am I correct that it is 20 mg /kg for approx. 28 days? Thanks :-)
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    Oxbow timothy hay/orchard grass from Dr. Foster and Smith

    I have been ordering 3rd cut timothy hay in bulk from Kleenmama's for awhile now but since they are presently out of it for the season I am wondering if anyone has been ordering Oxbow orchard grass and/or Oxbow 2nd cut Western timothy from Dr. Foster and Smith (in bulk)?. What is the hay...
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    Breeds of shelter bun

    Can anyone here give me any idea what breeds may be in this little shelter bun. ?..also describe color for me? Thanks Maureen
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    RIP My little Bernie

    Bernie, the baby bun with dental issues I saved from a fair 2 years ago developed an infection On Sat. causing exopthalmos ( displacement ) of his left eye. The eye began to bulge at an extremely rapid rate although I saw a vet within an hour of the discovery. He was started on bicillin and...
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    7 yrs old and dumped in a shelter Simon has no idea what is going on as he was with the same family for 7 yrs before he was surrendered to us. :( He guards his cage but beneath his ferocious little self I can see that he is very frightened. He needs to have a cage on the floor...
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    Experienced rabbit owner needed for shelter NZW Alicewas surrenderedto our shelterin March 2012 from a family who won her from a fair. I do believe that she was never handled nor allowed "out of cage" time in her entire life. Her experience at the shelter has not been ideal as we do not have a...
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    Critter Camp Rescue (Germantown, Ill.)

    Can anyone give me ANY feedback on this exotic animal rescue . It appears the rabbits live in colonies? We are looking for placement for a shelter bun Thanks Maureen
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    Critter camp Germantown Ill

    OK so we have a rabbit at our shelter who is very aggressive and needs placement. We contacted K&R Sanctuary and they are not able to take her but suggested a place in germantown Ill called Critter camp. I have looked at the site and see rabbits living in colonies in a picture. Does anyone...
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    Joey not eating normally ; should I force feed ?

    Joey . 9 yr old neutered mini-rex X . Very active rabbit that doesn't seem his age . No prior health issues other than several bouts of stasis that resolved without issue. Normally eats timothy hay, small amount of timothy pellets and veggies OK so some of you know what is going on with him...
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    Buying Oxbow Hay in bulk

    As of Dec 1 2011 Oxbow will no longer be taking phone orders directly from their headquarters in Nebraska . They are directing people to Dr Foster and Smith . Bacially it is more costly to order from Dr F&Sbecause although shipping charges are absent over a certain $$ amount the hay is priced...
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    Breeders help me with color This young rabbit looks brownish from a distance but on closer inspection he has layers of different colors in his coat including black. He is not grey and really not truly brown but he has some solid brown on his feet Sorry this pic is not too...
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    She will be Euthanized ( La Crosse Wi) ( RESOLVED)

    About a year and a half ago we ( Coulee Region Humane Society) received a surrender of 17 bunnes that had been living together ( and breeding ) in the corn crib of a family farm. We named them names that had "fall " themes and this little lady was named Cornucopia ( yeh I didn't like it either...
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    What is Best vacuum cleaner /shop vac or combo for cleaning rabbits

    My Dyson animal upright vacuum has a problem and will go in tomorrow to determine what is wrong. this is the older model that comes apart at the bottom so that you can get hay out ; it also doesn't have the ball but has a cannister. I started heavy cleaning with the Dyson whenI got more...
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    RIP Sweet Samantha ( rattie)

    Today I had my little Samantha girl rattie put to sleep; her skin problem persisted despite months of attempts to treat it and her respiratoy problems became much worse over Xmas ; her breathing was very labored despited her meds and I did not feel that she should go on in such an uncomfortable...