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  1. Selena RD

    metoclopramide tablet dose for 8lb bun

    Does anyone know the right amount a dose cause my vet is out of town, it's 5mg a tablet
  2. Selena RD

    My bun doesn't act the same with licking the mouth a lot

    Hi my rabbit is a mix bun of a rex and new Zealand and he is already fixed and he just turned 2 this month and at first i thought it was gas cause i would give him tummy rubs and i could feel and hear bubble's being popped inside and he ate his veggies fine but not his hay and he keeps like...
  3. Selena RD

    Help! My female lop doesn't pee

    Well the vet give her a antibiotic and a pain killer but she only pees at night, she only eat a little of parsley or any kind of fruit, she lays in a loaf all day and poops only if we give her a tummy rub and she been on it for 5 day already and not getting any better I was wondering if any one...
  4. Selena RD

    Vaginal discharge female lop

    My female rabbit is 1 year old and she started showing signs of a uti cause i had 2 female rabbits already had this so we took her to the vet and they said it was a uti and she was showing symptoms of not pooping, peeing or drinking but she was eating and once we got the 2 medicine which i can't...
  5. Selena RD

    Bunny head going in circles

    My first bunny that's neutered and in a month will be 2 years old and he started doing this since i got him which is when he was 4 months old and This can happen every 2 days is when he flops to his side his head starts going in circles it can go 5 or 10 times around then he will get up clean...
  6. Selena RD

    Rabbit eye scab

    Hi my New Zealand rabbit mark has a scab or looks like one and the front of his eye lid and it been there for weeks so i felt it and it doesn't feel like a scab so is it a scar and i don't even know how he got it and should i put eye drops and if i do what kind?
  7. Selena RD

    Am i doing something wrong?

    Hi I'm a owner of 12 bunnys and i have a 3 year old a 2 year old and 8 1 year olds and 2 that are 12 weeks and this year the girl 2 years old got a gi and the next 2 days the girl 1 year old got a gi then a 1 year old boy got a gi a week later then the 2 year old girl got a gi again a week later...
  8. Selena RD

    Help 12 week bunny diarrhea

    My male new bunny i got 3 weeks ago started not eating and drinking and not pooping then a few hours later of giving baby food and water big hard poops came out then he only wanted to eat carrots kale and alfalfa but not a lot and then only pee 3 times and not as happy as he is and either move...
  9. Selena RD

    What breed is my new bunny

  10. Selena RD

    I'm not sure if rabbits are supposed to have this

    Hi i am a owner of 8 Bunnys and they all have this i can't get picture of it because I'm by myself right now i need someone else to hold them to take the picture but on all of their front paw in the middle there's a white like dot and it's kind hard and soft what is it? Anyone know
  11. Selena RD

    help i scared my rabbit is sick

    He has a sniffing sound like he's blowing his nose but he eats and drinks fine and is it snuffles? And he had a little bit of clear discharge and i only had him for 5 days
  12. Selena RD

    What's my bunny breed

    Hi i just got a new bunny cause they were gonna put her down cause they couldn't take care of her and i was wondering what kind of breed she is? And i had to put some baby oil on her cause she had like a big black thing stuck to her neck
  13. Selena RD

    Help me new owner

    one of my rabbits has a bit of flakes just coming from his face and behind the ears and does that mean he has ear mites or fur mites and if he has any of those what can i do? And he's 6 months