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  1. Jordan Faria

    Brief history and another hay problem

    From what I have experienced with my rabbit is they should always have some sort of hay in their litter box! This may help him Start to like hay as rabbits tend to nibble as they go potty ! I would keep putting the hay in his cage as well, if there is a local feed store I would prefer getting...
  2. Jordan Faria

    Looking for help on sudden rabbit death ?

    Thank you for your response, she was not vaccinated but I’ve read here in the states that rabbits do not need to be vaccinated. My mom had not taken her to the vet, but was planning to in a month or two as soon as she got a little older to get her spayed! I have a rabbit of my own and he’s about...
  3. Jordan Faria

    Looking for help on sudden rabbit death ?

    Hi there so I’m looking for some information on sudden bunny/ rabbit death! My mom and i back in July purchased a 2 month old Rex bunny from our county fair ! Took her home and everything has been fine until Tuesday morning , sadly she became ill , and today she passed away at the vet ! So my...