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    new bunny!

    Congratulationson the bunny! Good luck to you! I know when Igotmywee one, Jack, I was a wreck trying to figureout what to do...Keep visiting and posting!That'swhat has helped me to be a goodcompanion for Jack and nowOscar :D The people here are amazing.They're filled with so much knowledge! This...
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    I cant believe...

    I feel so much better knowing I'm soft andsquishy like the ground...LOL jk...well ...just think, you can alwaysplant stuff where she digs! ~Baska~
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    I cant believe...

    Almost off topic...I just got done "tucking" mybuns into bed...I went outside with my boyfriend and we weretalking...outta nowhere...I start talking bunny talk in a conversationwith him...he kinda looked at me like what on earth?? LOL...I catchmyself at work doing my bunny if I mess...
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    OT WooHoo

    Congrats on thejob!
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    Oh no,...hehe

    I've been discussing a name with my boyfriend, hetook one look at him and we've decided Oscar...cept he's not a grouch:D Poor thing, I had to try and cut some clumps of hair offahis bum :(There was a buncha poop and hair stucktogether:X Things like that make me mad...and he's kindastinky...Any...
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    mouth open

    Jack does that to me when he's mad at me, I sayto him "ohh what a pretty smile!" then i get the butt turnedat me...hahah! Not sure honestly what it means, just sharinmy experience :D
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    Oh no,...hehe

    :D Well! Its been a whilesince I've posted...been busy with work and Jack...naughty lil bun heis...But I thought I'd share that I've rescued a rabbit. Iwas talking with a co worker and she said she knew someone that had arabbit that they wanted to get rid, of course I said I'd takeit in...
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    rabbits bitting

    Oh OH I have tried the squeeling, he hates thateven more and goes to bite meagainHe's just recently started to bite me...I'll be talking to him likeI normally do, and he'll come up to me and start licking myhand...he knows when he does that he gets Istartpetting him then outta nowherehe...
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    loosing hair?!

    Thanks much, I'll deffinatly go get some wormingpaste...hehe I'm pretty familiar with that, I've had's going to be alot easier to give it to a bun than a horse:) ~Karly~
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    loosing hair?!

    Just recently my lil Jack has kind of beenloosing hair...Shedding, (I'm assuming), is normal...but he is almostbalding. I tried to see if he had mites in his hair, but didn't seeany. I started giving him some vitamins, still waiting to seeif that helps. I've been brushing him just to help him...
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    I honestly wouldn't put my bunny outside...I livein NC, it's WAY too hot down here for him to be outside,...I'm honestlyafraid he'll get heat stroke...besides, it's alot more fun to have theminside. I live with my sickly mother and she was superhesitant about my rabbit staying in the house. I...
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    O/T: The Village by M. Night Shyalaman

    wow i went and watched the trailer...that was awesome! I'm deffinatly going to go see it!!!! ~Karly~
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    O/T: Anybody here a Stargate-SG1 fan?

    OOooh I always hated that guy ..I can't rememberhis name, but he's on the far right of that pic...they shoulda hadMaybourne instead of him ehhehe ~Karly~
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    O/T: Anybody here a Stargate-SG1 fan?

    I LOVE STARGATE!!! I bought all of theseason's with my friend...We'd have nights of pure stargate fun!... Ihonestly can't say that I've seen SG Atlantis...I wanted to see itpretty bad...any comments on it? I don't have cable TVyet...been waiting on someones imput on that show :D(My bun'sname is...
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    silly bunny!

    LilJack is so funny...I took him out to play on my bed, and I was justsinging away listening to my headphones...well the lil bugger liked itso much, he was laying down staring at me and 'purring'...I couldn'thelp but laugh at that one...I'm so glad he can appriciate myvoice..(my boyfriend would...
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    Please Welcome Me!

    Welcome Octet23!!!!
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    Sometimes my Jack is thesame way...honestly, I have no idea...But he has been kissing alot moresince I've been praticing with him...I say just keep trying!Don't give up :D ~Karly~
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    kitty vs. little squirt

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    Well,I've sucessfully tranced him, twice today...First was so quick hedidn't know what was commin, then I actually talked to him like ahuman, told him to lay on the towel so i can roll himup...andto my astonishment,did it!...I couldn'tbelieve it. Thanks again for all the advice. ~Karly~