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    I cant believe...

    Almost off topic...I just got done "tucking" mybuns into bed...I went outside with my boyfriend and we weretalking...outta nowhere...I start talking bunny talk in a conversationwith him...he kinda looked at me like what on earth?? LOL...I catchmyself at work doing my bunny if I mess...
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    Oh no,...hehe

    :D Well! Its been a whilesince I've posted...been busy with work and Jack...naughty lil bun heis...But I thought I'd share that I've rescued a rabbit. Iwas talking with a co worker and she said she knew someone that had arabbit that they wanted to get rid, of course I said I'd takeit in...
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    loosing hair?!

    Just recently my lil Jack has kind of beenloosing hair...Shedding, (I'm assuming), is normal...but he is almostbalding. I tried to see if he had mites in his hair, but didn't seeany. I started giving him some vitamins, still waiting to seeif that helps. I've been brushing him just to help him...
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    silly bunny!

    LilJack is so funny...I took him out to play on my bed, and I was justsinging away listening to my headphones...well the lil bugger liked itso much, he was laying down staring at me and 'purring'...I couldn'thelp but laugh at that one...I'm so glad he can appriciate myvoice..(my boyfriend would...
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    Itried to trance Jack today...Lets just say that didn't go toowell. Instead of wearing a long sleeve shirt..I wore a tanktop...I got scratches all over. I made sure that he didn'thurt himself, but didn't make sure I wasn't getting hurt. Itried to wrap him up in a towel, but he runs away...Also...
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    Bunny kisses or am I just salty?

    Anybody have their bun lick ya? (I'mfirst time bunny owner so it's a bit odd...) Just wondering if it couldbe cause I'm salty or something lol...Also, I've gotten a harness forJack, but he attacks it every time he sees it. I tried alittle dog collar on him and he seemed ok...just thought the...
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    Pictures of Jack :)

    He's a mix between a mini Rex and some other breed. They didn't know at the pet shop!:shock: ~Baska~
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    New here and also have questions :)

    Hi there! I've been browsing aroundtrying to find a good rabbit forum and I kinda hopped onto this one:DI'm a new rabbit owner...I just receieved 'Jack' 2 daysago. For about a monthI've beenvisiting apet shopand I couldn't stand it any longer to see him hunchedup in a lil cage with another...