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  1. Bo B Bunny

    Looking for a polish

    Hi all :) A very sweet young man I know lost his little polish 4-H bunny today. She was 5 years old and loved DEARLY. SO, I am looking to get him a showable per ARBA standards little polish to use this year. Papers would be awesome. Please let me know if you have anything or if you know of a...
  2. Bo B Bunny


    I was always under the impression that bunnies don't get fleas. Well, Tony has fleas. What should I do? Called the vet and they want to see him to give me revolution or advantage..... anyone know how much is safe? Should add that we have had NUMEROUS vet visits lately.... horses, dog, other...
  3. Bo B Bunny

    HELP! Puppy ate it......

    Our puppy just bit into a tube of Testors non-toxic cement for plastic. I'm not REAL concerned other than my entire house smells of this lemony scent and the carpet has a great deal on/in it. HOWEVER, the pup has it on HIM.... anyone know what to do? and should I be concerned since it says...
  4. Bo B Bunny

    I hate this forum... even more today

    Four years ago I got this gorgeous little cottontail who needed to be cared for after being attacked by my sister's dog. She had a bad leg, a puncture in her hip and her eyes were just barely open. Today I had to say goodbye as she struggled to breath through her mouth because her sinuses were...
  5. Bo B Bunny

    Don't drink... here's why

    My 30 year old cousin died on Saturday. WHy? because she drank alcoholic beverages. She had an ulcer which got worse and it bled. Over the past 2 months she lost 75 lbs. She couldn't keep food down yet kept drinking. She started to detox herself and went too fast. She had a seizure, came around...
  6. Bo B Bunny


    Our new aussie/heeler pup doesn't seem too interested in the bunnies! He can go right up to Bo's cage and doesn't seem to really care. Bo watches the puppy but doesn't get concerned either. You'd think a puppy would be all over bunnies! anyone have experiences with this?
  7. Bo B Bunny

    I'm A GOATMA!!

    Our goat, Catalina, went to the breeder for the winter. He wanted to keep her line going with a new buck he has and it was best for her to live in a big barn of goaties during the cold weather. Yesterday, we went to see her cause she should have had babies last weekend but hadn't and went to...
  8. Bo B Bunny

    HI everyone!

    Yes, it's me! I know I've been AWOL for some time. I think of everyone here a lot. I just can't find my way everywhere I want to be all the time. Updates on my family: -We lost our sweet KC Dog in January. She was 16 and had lasted much longer than I would have ever expected her to. We miss...
  9. Bo B Bunny

    Tony the Baloney!

    Tony has a friend. We knew there was a slight attraction but didn't realize how much until this past week. The cat, Diesel, and Tony absolutely adore each other. We think the cat is what happened to Tony's foggy eye, but we'll never know for sure. We kept them apart because of it and recently...
  10. Bo B Bunny

    My Niece's bunny after neuter.... oh boy....

    My niece who has Bubbles, messaged me last night that since his neuter (a couple of weeks ago) he has gone from sweetheart to evil, mean bunny! He has dug her carpet, chewed it, chewed the wall, bitten her fiance' and bitten her FOUR times on her back! Hormones? help? I told her to check his...
  11. Bo B Bunny

    Shocked, sad, sorta lost.....

    It's bad when a Sr. Mod feels these things but it's my own fault. I have been gone and lost track and now I have read the rainbow bridge and my heart is broken for all of those who lost bunnies while I was away and for all that I have missed like Jen's wedding...... Please forgive me.
  12. Bo B Bunny

    Anyone else???

    Anyone else having trouble getting Oxbow Basic T? None of the petstores here have it in stock!! They get one or two bags now and then and if I am lucky, I get one... I can't order it online.... Now what do I do?
  13. Bo B Bunny


    Hi everyone. I first want to apologize for my absence. We had county fair, state fair, and had to move Luke to Purdue.... He nearly had a nervous breakdown. He has always had issues with being a perfectionist and the thought of being perfect for college overwhelmed him along with the whole...
  14. Bo B Bunny


    I can't believe it! Today is Bo's fifth gotcha day! and I'll be seeing his and Tony's breeder at some point this afternoon! I wish I could get another one from them but I would be in big trouble! LOL! HAPPY GOTCHA DAY to my little bratty bunner! I love him so much!
  15. Bo B Bunny

    So sorry!

    I've been terribly busy with 4h, preparing to take Luke to Purdue, State Fair coming, I started another client's house, hubby working out of town and now he's hurt his hand.... lots going on. I miss everyone and hope all is well.
  16. Bo B Bunny


    Lexi and I went to see this last night. It was really good but the ending left me sort of...... waiting? or something. Anyone else see it?
  17. Bo B Bunny

    Wherever you live, I hope you enjoy the summer harvest!

    I know many of you live in areas where right off the vine produce isn't common. Here, in the midwest, we are so lucky to be able to walk outside and grab a tomato, some brocolli, etc., off the plant and eat it. There's nothing like fresh, vine/plant ripened veggies and fruit. I have an Indiana...
  18. Bo B Bunny

    Hi All!

    I thought I'd pop on and say hello to everyone! We've just come out of 4-H fair yesterday and trying to catch up on everything we've let go for over a week now! Luke did well with his sheep, goat and horse. Lexi did well with her ducks and horse but he did go lame after the first day of...
  19. Bo B Bunny

    County Fair

    My children try to keep me away from the bunny barn..... they know if I get in there it's likely I won't make it to help them groom or get something to eat or whatever... This year I am in love with a castor rex and a couple of black baby mini-rex. There is another castor rex that thinks I...
  20. Bo B Bunny

    I almost died yesterday :(

    I haven't been on much lately cause we're just so busy. John is working out of state and won't be home for a couple of months now. I have been preparing for my son's departure to Purdue in August and the kids are really busy with 4H. We noticed that the flea medicine that Sydney was on wasn't...