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    I’ve had Marlow about 7 months now. He’s always let me pet him but if he thought he’s about to be picked up he ran off and gave me the cold shoulder. Boy, there’s nothing like the cold shoulder from a rabbit! It’s not that I need to pick him up. I only wanted him to be comfortable with it if I...
  2. J

    Piano fun with the bun

    Since I’ve had to move the digital piano into my office, where Marlowe is, (my husband has to work from home so he’s in the room with the non electric piano), anyway- the bunny likes to run around my feet when I play. The faster I play, the faster he runs. It’s a bit distracting, albeit...
  3. J

    Grape leaves

    Can rabbits eat grape leaves? I’ve got vines in the yard and they’re growing like crazy. I keep thinking about making dolmas but that seems like a lot of work. All that folding. And if Marlow can eat them, that’s much easier. I just hand it to him.
  4. J

    Two questions

    If Marlow has his own room- he shares my office, and I don’t lock him in the cage at night - it’s a large dog kennel- do I need the cage at all? Also- has anyone had any success at getting cats to coexist with rabbits? If he’s in the carrier he doesn’t seem to care if one of the cats come up...
  5. J

    Do pellets go bad?

    I’ve had Marlow about a month now, I think. He’d only been fed pellets, the Walmart brand, for all of his life till now. After a few weeks he’s started eating more Timothy hay- at first he barely touched it. And I give him assorted leafy greens and sometimes a small bite of banana at bed time...
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    Bunny Maze?

    I recently rescued a rabbit from someone who was neglecting it- I don’t know if it’s a boy or girl (the rabbit, I mean. I know the gender of The person) but I am going to have the rabbit checked out by a vet soon. I have a slightly larger area outside the cage for Mallow to explore, but it...
  7. J

    Adopting a neglected rabbit

    Totally new to the world of rabbits! I need some advice. My daughter has a niece staying with her, who brought a pet rabbit. But since the niece moved in, she has rarely been home and has left the rabbit in the cage, and sometimes hadn’t been home to feed, water or clean the cage for at least...